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Trellis Netting, also known as Pea Netting or Bean Netting, is a great way to increase crop yields. It is a clear, extruded polypropylene mesh with openings of 6″x 6″. The wide openings allow for easy access during harvesting. This netting is designed to provide both vertical and horizontal support, rated at 28 lbs per strand. UV stabilizers have been added to prevent degradation, giving this product a life expectancy averaging 5+ years.

Using Trellis Netting can increase yield by up to double. It does this by allowing for more sunlight and air exposure, while decreasing ground rot and pest damage. For recommendations and more information please see Product Description below.


Please see Trellis SystemsUtility Netting and Garden Netting for products with similar applications.

For larger sizes please see our Commercial Trellis Netting: Plant Support Netting

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Product Description

 Trellis Netting

The Climbing Growers

Examples: grapes, raspberries, blackberries, green beans, peas of all varieties, etc.

Some veggies are naturally inclined to use Trellis Netting for their growth.  They need a way to spread out, grow, and climb. The netting provides that structure for them and helps facilitate their healthy progress. Trellis Netting can allow the grower to place climbing plants wherever they would like, rather than commonly only against fences or walls.

For these climbers, it is recommended to set up the Trellis Netting in an upright fashion, with the netting stretched and secured between two sturdy garden poles. For maximum support, it is recommended to use our Trellis System Products: Poly LinePoly Line Tensioners, Netting Clips and Anchor Stakes.trellis-1

The Ground Invaders

Examples: cucumbers, squash, melons, gourds, pumpkins, tomatoes, etc.

What many people do not recognize is your typical vining plants are not the only ones that thrive when grown vertically. You can grow large, prolific vegetables that are known for taking over gardens on trellising systems as well.

It’s easy. Simply train the plants as they grow by weaving the tendrils or the plant itself into the Trellis Netting.  Won’t it be nice to not have squash and zucchini take over the garden? For the ground invaders it is recommended to set up the Trellis Netting in an A-Frame fashion, securing the bottom portion diagonally to the ground. This increases the support for those heavy fruits and vegetables  (like melons, pumpkins and squash). When secured properly, the netting will support even the heaviest of veggies. For maximum support, it is recommended to use our Trellis System Products: Poly LinePoly Line Tensioners, Netting Clips and Anchor Stakes.trellis-2

The Ornamental Climbers 

Examples: Ivies, sweet peas, many kinds of flowers, etc.

Gardening is not always about growing something edible. Sometimes it’s about gorgeous blossoms or glorious vines. Trellis Netting works wonders for these plants as well. Utilizing the same benefits as above, the structural support can allow for thick, healthy vines or flowers.

Either the upright or the A-Frame is recommended depending on the grower’s preferences.



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6.5′x8, 6.5′x12, 6.5′x20′, 6.5′x50′, 6.5′ x 1000′, 6.5′ x 3280′, 6.5′ x 328′, 6.5’x1500′

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