5 Great Ways to Attract Birds into Your Garden

It’s not just nice for you to have birds visit your garden, it is also good for your garden as well, the reason is that most varieties of garden birds have a great appetite for insect pests that populate your garden and cause harm to your plants and shrubs.
If you want to make your garden bird friendly and attract birds to your garden you have to consider the following things.
A good selection of native plants and shrubs with things like berries, and big seed heads will tempt the birds to come and feed.
Trees and Hedges
If you have the space some native trees and hedge line will provide natural nesting sites.
Nesting Boxes
If you have a smaller garden you can build or buy some nesting boxes in different sizes to provide a home for a nesting bird.
Garden birds will also need a water source, so a bird bath is a perfect addition, if you don’t have one a large shallow saucer left on a patio will also provide a great place for birds to drink, bathe and splash around in. Ponds are also a good source of water for birds and it also attracts insects for them to feed on.
Obviously its important to leave food out for your birds, this is the biggest factor for attracting birds to your garden, a stable bird table is great for offering nuts, seeds and fat balls to the birds. Squirrel proof hanging bird feeders are great of feeding the birds, its also very entertaining watching them pecking out the seeds.
While we’re on the subject of bird feeders can I ask you to please not buy the bird food in plastic netting that you can buy from market stalls and some supermarkets, these are very dangerous for small birds as they can get trapped in the netting and can break their legs very easily and even loose them all together. Some bird species have hooked tongues and can also become trapped in these net feeders. If you lean one thing from this article please remember this, it can save your garden birds a whole lot of suffering, and there are so many great bird feeder designs you wont have a shortage to choose from.
So, the simple rule for attracting birds to your garden is to provide what they are naturally looking for in the wild, give them a safe place to feed and they will return time and again. Enjoy it!

Andrew Lawrence runs a webiste all about birds and bird feeders which is full of usful tips and articles like this one, please visit GardeningYear.com for more info.


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