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Planning You Garden Part I: From Apartment to Mansion

“Part I: From Apartment to Mansion” will cover practical ways of setting up a garden in whatever space you have available. Also included will be ideas, tips, and products that can make growing your perfect garden easier.   Keep an eye out for “Part II: Picking Your Produce” and “Part III: Preparing for Pests and […]

Poly Line for Christmas Time

This month’s addition we will be focusing on the wonderful things POLY LINE can be used for. As a gardening product, it is irreplaceable. It is pretty handy for other things as well.    In particular we will discuss what POLY LINE is in the first place, how to use it in a trellis system, […]

The Wonders of Burlap

This month’s topic is BURLAP! It is made by weaving fibers of the jute plant together. Burlap has been used for gardening, storage, transporting, crafts and cooking for centuries.   In this article, we will be focusing on using burlap in the garden, helpful tips such as how to cut burlap, craft ideas and coffee […]

Garden Winterizing Tips

As the weather begins to change the majority of gardeners are hanging up their shovels for the season. Many don’t know that with the right products, the growing season can last all year.   In this article, we will be focusing on tips and recommendations for winter gardening. In particular we will discuss how to use […]

Landscape Fabric Tutorial

I dare say that Landscape fabric is one of the most misunderstood garden products out there.  a lot of people think of landscape fabric as the black plastic that became a nightmare in the flower beds.  Landscape fabric has changed so much, but struggles to outrun its bad rap from the earlier days! Landscape Fabric […]

Green Tomato Chutney Recipe

I’m not by any means a gardener, but I do love my grandchildren and when they clamored to buy some seeds, I let them pick one packet each. Chloe the eldest picked a packet of mixed flowers, and I reckoned I could cope with them. But the youngest Bethany was going through one of those […]

Have The Garden Of Your Dreams This Year

Do you love the idea of having a garden but find that your yard falls far short of your Spring dreams?  I used to plant a beautiful garden that turned into a weedy mess by the middle of Summer.  You know how it is.  Between the summer heat and vacation time away from home, the […]

Encourage Visitors to Your Garden

Is your garden your oasis? If so then how can you encourage others to join you? Frogs, birds and insects all need a home and with minimal effort you can invite them into your garden and watch them help you maintain it. Birds, frogs and insects are all vital for a balanced ecosystem in your […]

Growing Tomatoes – How to Avoid Common Problems

One of the most exciting moments in tomato growing is when flowers begin to fade and the first little pea-like fruits appear. Each day they grow a little bigger until they reach their mature size when they start to change colour and become ripe tomatoes. They look almost too good to eat! However, temperatures and […]

How to Grow Apple Trees From Seed

How To Grow Apple Trees From Seed Have you ever tried to grow apple trees from seeds collected from an apple? It certainly makes good sense that they would germinate. They are seeds and seeds are supposed to grow, right? I’ve heard people say apples seeds collected from apples are hybridized and therefore can’t grow […]

Eight Steps to a Bountiful Vegetable Garden

You’ve decided that you want a vegetable garden to lower your grocery bills. But, where do you start? There are eight essential steps to successful vegetable gardening. Step 1. Pick an appropriate area for your garden. When you choose your site, consider these important factors: – Sunlight. Most vegetables grow best in full sunlight. Choose […]

Best Tips For Growing Tomatoes In Cold Weather

One of the biggest enemy of a tomato plant is cold weather. That’s why growing tomatoes in cold climates forces us to choose between the two: greenhouse or indoor garden with fluorescent lights. Either way we need to remember both about the light and the temperature. We will discuss all these issues in this article. […]