Best Tips For Growing Tomatoes In Cold Weather

One of the biggest enemy of a tomato plant is cold weather. That’s why growing tomatoes in cold climates forces us to choose between the two: greenhouse or indoor garden with fluorescent lights. Either way we need to remember both about the light and the temperature. We will discuss all these issues in this article.

If we live in a colder climate and we are fixated on growing tomatoes in cold weather, then we have to do one of 2 things. We either have to fix up a nice place indoors for them with plenty of light, and the proper temperatures, or we have to install a green house outdoors.

Now, when we talk about greenhouses, we don’t have to be talking about the big expensive kind you see at the local garden centers. Because most of us do not have enough resources or space to install one, we should consider smaller alternatives. Small versions however can be built or even kits found on places such as eBay for less than a hundred dollars, complete.

Among the most important benefits of using a greenhouse is the fact that it protects the plants from both wind and low temperatures. This is probably the best scenario as the plants will be able to take advantage of natural light which is best for them. If that’s not possible however, then perhaps you have some extra space inside the house or even the garage where you can set up your tomato garden.

Just make sure that where ever you put them, they have access to plenty of light. Where sunshine is lacking, fluorescent lights can be used in place of it. The longer the lights can stay on, the better off your plants will be. Then once you have your area set up, simply carry on with your gardening the same way you would normally care for your plants.

Further care of your plants should include feeding them and pruning them back. When the leaves have plenty of room to grow and they aren’t all bunched together, they will produce far more fruits than if left to their own devices. Taking good care of your plant regardless whether it’s growing indoors or outdoors will always help it in producing better quality fruits. You need to make sure that your tomato garden will drain well and your plants will not experience floods or droughts. Water them every day and remember that they like to be moist.

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