Bird Netting Considerations and Comparisons

Take your time when shopping for

Bird Netting.  You should be able to easily find exactly what suits your specific needs.

Bird Netting Options: 

Green Knitted 8 year Bird Netting

Black Plastic 3 year Deer/Bird Netting

Multi-row 10 year Black Knitted Bird Netting

Blue Big Bug 5 year Bug/Bird Netting

bird nettingDeer and bird nettingBig Bug Nettingknitted Bird Netting over a cherry tree

Important Considerations and Comparisons:

  1. black multi row nettingMesh size Openings: – this is the size of the square or diamond shaped opening in the net.  the size determines what can come and go.    -Buying netting with too large of an opening is the most common mistake new net buyers make.  In general the larger the mesh size the less expensive the netting.  You may think your getting a great deal but then you come out the morning after application and there is a flock of birds in your enclosure snacking on your fruit and mocking you!  -All American Nettings and Fabric’s bird netting is 3/4″ or smaller which will keep out all birds.  The smallest is our Big Bug Netting at 1/6″ square openings. This size not only keep out birds but also keep out moths and butter flies that would lay their eggs on your veggies and eventually produce hungry caterpillars.
  2. Dimension requirements: -Different varieties of netting comes available in different width.  If you have to spend a little bit more to get the width and eliminate the need to sew two pieces together it is well worth it.  With that being said, sewing two sizes of net together to get the perfect size is not difficult and can be done with fishing line.
  3. Life expectancy of the netting:  Netting all comes with a UV life expectancy rating.  This is the number of years that the net would last with out breaking down from sun exposure.  The life expectancy does not apply to damage from say a distracted tractor driver snagging the net.
  4. Netting material characteristics:  Knitted netting is diamond shaped mesh.  It has stretch and is less likely to tangle. Black Plastic extruded netting  is a square shaped mesh and does not stretch.
  5. Price: varies between the different types and life expectancy ratings. The 3-4 year Black Plastic extruded is the most affordable but has the shortest life span and the most likely to tangle.  This is a great option for short term projects like covering new vegetation in a pond or blocking birds from nesting in new construction.  It would not be my first choice from draping directly over cherry trees or blue berries due to snagging.  I would definitely drape it over an enclosure but I would choose the 10 year which is much stronger.  The 5-8 year Green knitted netting is our most popular netting due to its affordability, ease of use and long life.  Its the perfect middle ground in the netting world.  10 year Multi-row black Knitted Netting is more expensive but is definitely worth the price.  It is extremely strong, easy to use, and lasts 10 years.  The big Bug 5 year Netting is a little higher priced but you kill two birds with one stone, or should I say one bird and a bug with one stone.  Lol!  I don’t care who you are, that funny!