Schooldays Downunder – Australia In The 1950s

The employment downside has real-world implications when you think about that these are the people who find themselves constructing the expertise that we use to navigate and make sense of the Girls in Tech world. The ladies we now have chosen are all 30 and underneath (at time of consideration) who are constructing amazing careers […]

Shade Screen

AmericanNettings – Knit Shade Cloth

American Nettings Shade Cloth Stable-Knit Shade Cloth is specially designed to provide strength and structural support similar to woven shade cloth, yet handle like lock-stitch knitted cloth. Raschel-knit HDPE monofilament Black 35%, 50% & 65% shade quality Cuts without unraveling UV stabilized Life expectancy: 10+ years

We are back! New looks for your garden

The new year is upon us and with that comes excitement for change! Who says you have to have the same garden year after year? Although uncommon to work with your plants in the winter; there are some good ways of revamping the look and feel of your garden for new beginnings! Also, try a […]

how to winterize a garden

Winterizing Your Garden

Pumpkin spice drinks, candy, baked goods, candles and more are on seasonal shelves in nearly every store; winter must be just right around the corner. For most gardeners this is the end of the growing season, but it doesn’t have to be. Knowing when and how to winterize your garden can keep you harvesting for […]

harvesting how to

Harvesting How To’s

Outside my backdoor the blackberries are finally getting plump and juicy. For the last month, every time I walk by I grab a berry or two off the vine to sample. Just this week they are finally sweet and delicious, with not even a hint of tart bitterness. Now to start harvesting! There are countless […]

burlap flowers

Burlap Flowers

Burlap Flowers are a simple, fun decoration. Using American Nettings’ Natural Burlap, Crop Cover and Poly Line, these little guys are made easy.

Companion Planting

The combination of tomato and basil has been a flavor favorite for centuries, but did you know that growing them next to each other actually improves the growth and flavor of each individually? Conversely, if you plant cabbage and cauliflower together, they will both grow poorly and produce little. That is why companion planting, as […]

Little Garden Helpers: Bugs, Worms & Fish

As the days begin to get warmer, brighter and longer, it is important to provide the very best for your budding garden. Many do not realize how easy it is to ward off harmful pests, encourage pollinating opportunities and attain necessary nutrients: simply ask Nature’s little helpers: BUGS, WORMS & FISH!   The right bugs […]