Grow Your Own Herb Garden

When preparing a garden, a person’s focus is often riveted to their fruit and veggie plans. Many hardly even think about herbs. Even fewer people realize all the benefits to growing herbs in their garden: natural bug repellent, health benefits, not to mention cutting down the grocery bill.   So for this mailing we are […]

Landscaping? We’d Love to Help!

Spring seems to be coming early this year. With spring comes the joys of landscaping: planning for flowers, trees & grass, preparing the ground and soil, and of course, getting your hands dirty for the first time each year. We would love to help with your landscaping endeavors!   In this article, we will be discussing […]

New Gardening Essentials

With the gardening season drawing nearer and nearer, I thought I would share with you some of American Nettings & Fabric’s new and exciting products we are premiering this season.   We are constantly expanding our product base  to offer our customers reliable, long-lasting gardening supplies at an affordable price.   In this article, I […]

Planning Your Garden Part III: Preparing for Pests and Other Nuisances

Here is the final segment of “Planning Your Garden Part III: Preparing for Pests and Other Nuisances.” After all that hard work putting your garden together, the last you want is for birds, bugs and deer to reap the rewards. That is why planning for pests and other nuisances is so important.  . “Preparing for […]

Planning Your Garden Part II: Picking Your Produce

Here it is, “Part II: Picking Your Produce.” I couldn’t be more excited about this newsletter! Deciding what to grow is one of my favorite parts of gardening.   “Picking Your Produce” will cover practical ways of choosing the right plants for your family, climate and season. Also included are ideas, tips, and products that […]

Planning You Garden Part I: From Apartment to Mansion

“Part I: From Apartment to Mansion” will cover practical ways of setting up a garden in whatever space you have available. Also included will be ideas, tips, and products that can make growing your perfect garden easier.   Keep an eye out for “Part II: Picking Your Produce” and “Part III: Preparing for Pests and […]

Poly Line for Christmas Time

This month’s addition we will be focusing on the wonderful things POLY LINE can be used for. As a gardening product, it is irreplaceable. It is pretty handy for other things as well.    In particular we will discuss what POLY LINE is in the first place, how to use it in a trellis system, […]

The Wonders of Burlap

This month’s topic is BURLAP! It is made by weaving fibers of the jute plant together. Burlap has been used for gardening, storage, transporting, crafts and cooking for centuries.   In this article, we will be focusing on using burlap in the garden, helpful tips such as how to cut burlap, craft ideas and coffee […]