How to Measure For Your Bird Netting

What Size Piece of Netting Do I Need?        Figuring out the size piece of netting that you need is simple but very important.  The biggest mistake that people make is to order a piece that is too short.  It is much better to have too much then to be short. Accurately calculating the size of netting to [...]

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Privacy Shade Can Make Your Back Yard Feel Relaxing

  Privacy Shade   Why be uncomfortable when being comfortable is so affordable and easy!      I have owned my own house for the last 12 years.  I bought it when I was 26 and before I knew much about how to pick a place to live.  I was so proud of my self.  After all, buying your first [...]

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Educating Yourself About Bird Netting

Educate Yourself About Bird Netting Before You Shop Know what you are getting for your money Mary's Story         Mary is a wonderful lady with a lovely family.  Family is the most important thing to her and that is why she was so excited when her children began to have kids of their own.  She had plans [...]

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Beverly’s Best: Asparagus

Asparagus Wow, I recently had my first out of the garden asparagus and could not believe this succulent and tender ancient delicacy! The imported, greenhouse-grown asparagus available year-round just can't match the flavor of fresh-from-the-garden stalks starting in some areas as early as February and extends through July in the Midwest and East.   This glorious veggie is a must [...]

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Bird Netting Comparisons

Take your time when shopping for Bird Netting.  You should be able to easily find exactly what suits your specific needs. Bird Netting Options:  Green Knitted 8 year Bird Netting Black Plastic 3 year Deer/Bird Netting Multi-row 10 year Black Knitted Bird Netting Blue Big Bug 5 year Bug/Bird Netting Important Considerations & Comparisons Mesh size Openings: this is the size of [...]

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Create Your Best Garden Ever in 3 Hours

Create Your Garden in 3 Hours! Why and who would want to do this? This method of growing your garden is great for beginning gardeners, people who are short on time, kids, people with limited physical ability and even those of us who love fresh produce but have a very short attentions span. I happen to be in three of [...]

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Use Privacy Shade Fabric to Create a More Private Back Yard

Use Shade to Create a More Private Backyard Project #1 Privacy Shade is a fabric that blocks view, wind and heat while allowing some light through.  It comes in black, white, sand, green and blue.  Some of its uses include: 1. Make a shady spot for relaxing in your yard 2. Shade the dog kennel 3. Shade your livestock 4. Shade plants from harsh sun [...]

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Why do Tomato Plants Split?

Why do Tomato Plants Crack? A tomato crack (or split) is caused by the tomato plant absorbing water too quickly.  The inside expands from the water absorption but skin can’t stretch to accommodate the extra fluid.  So, the skin splits and heals up. This can happen in a few different scenario: 1.  You forget to water regularly and the soil [...]

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Homemade Mosquito Trap

Making a Homemade Mosquito Trap with Ingredients You Already Have The reason that mosquitoes are attracted to humans is because they want to suck our blood.  The way that they find us is by detecting the Co2 that we breathe out.  That is why this mosquito trap works so well. It uses Co2 for bait. 1. Gather your Supplies 1 [...]

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Growing Your Own Food is Like Printing Money By: Huffington Post Ron Finley is a successful clothing designer and artist from Los Angeles whose life got a little dirtier when he realized something strange about his neighborhood. He found that South Central, Los Angeles was overwhelmingly filled with "Liquor stores. Fast food. Vacant lots," but had no great place to get fresh, affordable produce. "People are losing their [...]

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Reflective Mulches Boost Fruit Size, Color and Yields

08/01/2011 By Renee Stern, Contributing Editor Reflective materials that bounce additional sunlight up into tree canopies from the orchard floor can pay off in higher yields, bigger sizes, and better and more evenly colored fruit. Tests over the past eight years with reflective fabrics placed in drive rows produced similar results in apples, cherries, pears, peaches and nectarines, says Tory [...]

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More about American Nettings

About American Nettings American Nettings & Fabric supplies a full complement of 'American Made'  bird netting, deer fencing, trellis netting, shade cloth, crop cover, landscape fabric, and much more for the lawn & garden and horticultural markets. Whether you're looking for plastic mesh to use as a bird repellent or deer-proof fencing, we have the solutions and products you need. [...]

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