Landscape Fabric Tutorial

I dare say that Landscape fabric is one of the most misunderstood garden products out there.  a lot of people think of landscape fabric as the black plastic that became a nightmare in the flower beds.  Landscape fabric has changed so much, but struggles to outrun its bad rap from the earlier days! Landscape Fabric […]

How to Grow More Cucumbers for Pickling Using Trellis Netting

Grow more cucumbers for pickling by using these trellis netting tips and recommendations: Growing your cucumbers on Trellis Netting can more then triple  your harvest and decrease the work and produce damage.  Cucumbers grown on a trellis have the tendency to be healthier and more uniform in size and shape. The main way that Trellis Netting can […]

Beverly’s Best- 4 Reasons Why Fruits and Veggies May Not Be Supporting Your Health.

4 Reasons Why Fruits and Veggies May Not Be Supporting Your Health. If you’re like most people, you’ve been told to “eat your fruits and veggies” since you were a child. Mainstream media and most health and fitness publications, as well as countless university studies have long proclaimed that a diet rich in vegetables and […]

Beverly’s Best- YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! Do you remember hearing “you are what you eat”? Do you know why those wise words have a lot of depth and meaning? Because all our life enhancing nutrients come from what we put in our bodies. Our food gets it’s nutrients from the soil it is grown in, and […]


Strawberries I was reminded once again at the grocery store how cost effective and nutritionally beneficial it is to grow our own food! Although strawberries are in season, organic strawberries for a pint were almost $6.00! For those who know me, I will not hesitate to spend my money on good, no great, food! I […]

Everyone Should Use Bird Netting! So, why don’t they?

Bird Netting can protect your fruit trees from Hungry Birds Protect the young succulent seedling in your garden from Hungry Birds Prevent certain sizes of moths and butterflies from laying eggs on fruit trees and veggie plants that turn into hungry caterpillars block deer, rabbits and many other animals from munching on all your hard […]

How to Measure For Your Bird Netting

What Size Piece of Netting Do I Need?        Figuring out the size piece of netting that you need is simple but very important.  The biggest mistake that people make is to order a piece that is too short.  It is much better to have too much then to be short. Accurately calculating […]

Privacy Shade Can Make Your Back Yard Feel Relaxing

  Privacy Shade   Why be uncomfortable when being comfortable is so affordable and easy!      I have owned my own house for the last 12 years.  I bought it when I was 26 and before I knew much about how to pick a place to live.  I was so proud of my self. […]