Growing Your Own Food is Like Printing Money

By Huffington Post Ron Finley is a successful clothing designer and artist from Los Angeles whose life got a little dirtier when he realized something strange about his neighborhood. He found that South Central, Los Angeles was overwhelmingly filled with “Liquor stores. Fast food. Vacant lots,” but had no great place to get fresh, affordable […]

Reflective Mulches Boost Fruit Size, Color and Yields

08/01/2011 By Renee Stern, Contributing Editor Reflective materials that bounce additional sunlight up into tree canopies from the orchard floor can pay off in higher yields, bigger sizes, and better and more evenly colored fruit. Tests over the past eight years with reflective fabrics placed in drive rows produced similar results in apples, cherries, pears, […]

More about American Nettings

About American Nettings American Nettings & Fabric supplies a full complement of ‘American Made’  bird netting, deer fencing, trellis netting, shade cloth, crop cover, landscape fabric, and much more for the lawn & garden and horticultural markets. Whether you’re looking for plastic mesh to use as a bird repellent or deer-proof fencing, we have the […]

Top Ten Uses for Crop Cover (Row Cover)

Top Ten Uses for Crop Cover: 1.  Protect your plants from frost 2.  Create a tent enclosure over a trellis row 3.  Create a tunnel cover over a veggie row 4.  Protect vulnerable starts from wind in dry windy areas 5.  Create a floating crop cover that will rise up as your plant grows 6. […]

Crop Cover (Row Cover) is a Gardener’s Best Friend

Crop Cover (Row Cover) is a Gardener’s Best Friend             In Horticulture, row cover (or Crop Cover) is any material used to cover plants as a protective shield primarily against cold and frost.  It is also used to protect against wind, rain, snow, sun, bird and insect damage.  American Nettings’ row cover is called Crop […]

Worms for Your Garden & Fishing

CALLING ALL WORMS… NO MORE STAYING UP ALL NIGHT WITH A FLASH LIGHT & A GARDEN HOSE!   No more sleepless nights.  I have stayed up all night with a flashlight and a garden hose.  I can just remember waiting for those tricky worms to pop up out of the ground.  I had to be […]

Using Natural Burlap for Carrot Germination

Using Natural Burlap for Carrot Germination Carrots can be a big early spring headache. In cool weather, they take forever to germinate, 2 or 3 weeks, and by that time, the chance of weed competition is pretty good, and just about anything growing around the tiny seedlings makes excruciatingly time-consuming surgical hand weeding a necessity. […]

American Nettings Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 18th American Netting is Going to be at the National Hardware Show May 7th-9th 2013   Custer, Washington, February 18th.  American Nettings is going to the National Hardware Show on May 7th 2013 and will be there until the 9th. They are bringing lots of product samples to educate and connect […]