Create Your Best Garden Ever in 3 Hours

Create Your Garden in 3 Hours!

Why and who would want to do this?

This method of growing your garden is great for beginning gardeners, people who are short on time, kids, people with limited physical ability and even those of us who love fresh produce but have a very short attentions span. I happen to be in three of those categories myself. Mostly, I’m short on attention span!

Through out my life I have realized that, often times, things that seem real complicated usually have an alternative method that dummies it down. I always look for this method and I think I have found a simple way to jump into gardening. If you start with this method chances are that you will expand and try more advanced technique (complicated techniques) in the years to come. So, go ahead and give this a try this year and see what you think.
Materials that you will need, choices and where to get them?

Materials to find at Local hardware store or garden center:

Bags of soil…6 bags..….$4.00 ea
Fence posts…4 posts.….$5.00 ea
Twine or rope..25ft………$3.00
Materials to order at
Trellis netting ………….$12.29
Veggie Booster Mulch…$10.95
Crop cover ……………..$21.95
Tomato Greenhouse……$9.19
Plastic Pins……………..$3.99 or Metal landscape pins $2.49
Zip-ties…………………$13.25 (100ct)

The prices of the items that you pick up at the store will vary depending on the area. Most areas
will have better pricing on these items. The items that you purchase at
will have free shipping with orders over $50 and will come to your door. It’s very easy and

There is a good chance that you already have some of these materials laying around your property.
Feel free to improvise. For example, instead of buying fence posts you could use the laundry cloth
line in your yard by attaching the trellis netting to the posts holding up the cloth line. You could use
some old wooden posts. Use your imagination. If you already have good soil, don’t buy the bags.
Just mound up some dirt in a row and follow the rest of the instructions.
Make you plan

Decide where you will put the garden

-Will you do one big long 20’ row or will you split it into two 10’ rows
-Will you use a soaker hose, bottle with holes poked in it or just water with hose
-What veggies will you plant?

You can by starts or seeds
Good ones to start with are tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and peas

Instructions based on a time line

15 min 1. Get on the computer and order your stuff from American Nettings
15 min 2. walk into a hardware store and ask for fence posts twine and soil
Go where you can get them all in one place, and make them load it for you.

Lay out
10 min 3. Lay the bags out
-Make sure your bags are where you want them before you start cutting them or
you may spill dirt out.

15 min 4. Cut slashes on the bottom side of the bags for water drainage
-Put 3 or 4 long cuts in the bag to allow water to drain out but keep soil in

15 min 5. Roll out veggie mulch on top of soil bag row and tuck edge under

10 min 6. Cut a narrow rectangle on the top of each bag for planting.

20 min 7. Lay the posts out and pound them in the ground
-The posts should end up being about 5’ tall
-This is a good time to lay your soaker hose out if you are going to use one

15 min 8. String the Trellis Netting up from one end post to the other
-Zip tie the netting to the posts and keep it stretched tight (not too tight)
-You may have some extra trellis height just let it flop over. 5’ high is best

30 min 9. Plant all your plants and or seeds

15 min 10. Cut and hang Tomato Greenhouse bags over Tomato plants
-Make them large so you can reuse them at the end of season

10 min 11. Drape the crop cover evenly over the trellis netting row & pin to the ground on both sides

How to care for the garden after you are finished
Now you are done so have a glass of wine and pat your self and any helper on the back. This could very well be your best garden ever.

Some things to remember
1. Don’t worry if it take you a little longer then what is described. Its ok!
2. You will not need as much watering as other gardens need. Check the soil daily and water accordingly.
3. You will not need as much fertilizer so go easy
4. Some veggie plants will need to be encouraged to weave in and out of trellis netting
5. Take your Tomato Greenhouse off when the plants get to about 18inches and start weaving them in the trellis netting. Save Greenhouses
6. You can take the crop cover off on nice days and leave it off when the weather turns warm.
You can also put the Crop Cover back on for harsh weather at any point.
I will be growing my garden in soil bags just like this. Feel free to contact me with any questions

Nicole M. Perry


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