Educating Yourself About Bird Netting

Educate Yourself About Bird Netting Before You Shop

Know what you are getting for your money

Mary’s Story

        Mary is a wonderful lady with a lovely family.  Family is the most important thing to her and that is why she was so excited when her children began to have kids of their own.  She had plans of being the best Grandma ever.  She envisioned her grand kids visiting her often and spending hours and hours playing out side on their family property just the way her kids did when they were little.  As soon as the first grandchild was born, she decided to plant some cherry trees and blueberry bushes so that the grand kids could roam around the property and snack on berries and climb the cherry trees.  She realized that, she needed to start now so the tree and bushes would be bearing lots of fruit by the time her grandchildren could climb trees.
She put in three cherry trees and three blue berry bushes.  Mary took all the care in the world picking healthy starts and planting them so that they had to best chance for success.  The trees and bushes grew beautifully.  She just left them alone for the first couple of years.  When her oldest grandson turned 6 she knew that it was just about time to start her tradition of picking berries with her grand kids.  The only thing that worried her was that, she noticed the birds had eaten most of the cherries and blueberries this year.  She never really cared before because the kids weren’t old enough and the crops were very small the first years anyway.  However, this year the blueberries and cherries were plentiful and the birds had devoured them.  she knew that if she was going to have any fruit for her family, she had to figure out something.  She didn’t want to hurt the birds.  She likes birds but she likes her grandchildren more! :).  Her neighbor had purchased some netting and had great success with it so she decided to try that.
She went online and did a search for bird netting.  She found a wide range of prices and wondered why, but didn’t give it to much thought.  She pick one that was priced low.  She figured why pay more.  The netting arrived and she went to work covering her fruit.  To her frustration, putting up the netting turned out to be harder then her neighbor made it look.  The netting kept snagging, breaking off branches and tangling.  In the process the net ended up ripping in a couple of spots, so some birds were still able to get through and even more were able to reach the berries on the out side.  When she went to pick blue berries she had a difficult time getting the net off.  She thought, how ironic that the netting wasn’t really keeping the birds out but it was keeping her out.  She was so frustrated that she almost gave up on her visions of enjoying these fruit picking experiences with her grandchildren.  Mary decide to look on the Internet and see if there was a better way.  After all, why would so many people use Bird Netting if it was this frustrating and ineffective.  She found a site that changed her bird netting experience.  On this site she learned that there are many different types of bird netting with different qualities, uses and pricing.  She learned that she was using the wrong type for covering her cherry trees and that  the Bird netting she had was fine for her Blue berry bushes but that it should not be laid directly on the plants.  The site taught her how to accurately determine the size needed for each project as well as how to install it.
Mary followed all the advice on the website and was amazed at how different her experience was the following year.  That year her oldest grand child was able to climb the cherry tree and the others were able to pick blueberries.  She was so thankful that she did not give up.

What are some bird netting companies not telling you about their Bird Netting?

 Many companies sell light weight extruded netting as their only option for bird netting because it looks like a really good price when compared to higher quality bird netting such as a knitted or a heavier extruded (10 year premium bird netting).  They all come up in the same search for Bird Netting and it looks like one company is selling theirs really cheap.  They are not exactly doing you a favor when they are omitting the facts that some Bird Netting is lower quality and has some limitation.  Most people don’t know that their is a difference & are very disappointed when they get it home, if it is not well suited for the task.   I get a lot of calls from people saying “I need bird netting and I don’t want any of that black plastic crap”.  There is nothing wrong with the 4 year extruded netting.  It has its place, and when used for the right projects its wonderful.  The heavier extruded netting is called Premium Plus Bird Netting and is very popular in commercial vineyards and Blueberries.  the Vineyards are able to drape the product right over the plants.  The blueberry netting should be suspended so that it is not touching the bushes to prevent snagging.
Pay attention when comparing Bird Netting online as well as in the garden center.  Make sure that you are comparing the type of material, the weight and the life expectancy.


Bird Netting
Bird Netting

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