Everyone Should Use Bird Netting

Bird Netting can

  • protect your fruit trees from Hungry Birds
  • Protect the young succulent seedling in your garden from Hungry Birds
  • Prevent certain sizes of moths and butterflies from laying eggs on fruit trees and veggie plants that turn into hungry caterpillars
  • block deer, rabbits and many other animals from munching on all your hard work.
Why doesn’t everyone use bird netting?

Bird Netting has been a well kept secret of commercial agriculture food growers for years.  It is the only method of Bird Control that is 100% effective bird block. The only down side for commercial growers is that Bird Netting comes with an initial cost. However, the cost can be recouped as early as the first Harvest after installation. That is pretty darn effective Bird Control.  It increases the Yields by preventing loss and damage. It can also decrease the cost and time of harvesting.  Less Damaged berries means less to sort, quicker to market and less labor costs per harvest. Commercial growers know the net will pay for itself. They know where to get it and they know how to install it correctly and effectively. To commercial growers, Bird Netting is common sense.

what if Bird Netting was new and Growers had no proof of the benefits. What if they didn’t know how to install it?  All those unknowns would make using bird netting seem like a huge risk.  Commercial growers can often spend upwards of 100,000 dollars to Net all their crops.  Most would probably not take the risk if it were not for the knowledge that they can pay off their investment right away and will have that netting for the next 10 years.

Luckily, most commercial growers do have all this knowledge. However, Most home gardeners and small farm operations know very little about netting. This is exactly why not every one uses bird netting. All the unknowns discourage people from trying something new to them. Many home gardeners have probably thought about it and at least half of them have gone as far as to shop online only to be overwhelmed by all the choices, sales pitches and unknowns.

The best way to get started is to educate yourself. Bird Netting is Highly effective, humane and very affordable to the home grower. In most cases, an initial investment in Bird Netting is far less money then other methods.

If you have thought about using bird netting but you are not sure where to start, here are a few question to ask.

  1. What are the main types of bird netting available?
  2. What type should I pick for my project
  3. How do I know what size to by for my project
  4. What is a good price to pay for netting
For the answer to these questions, see Bird Netting

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