Growing Tomatoes In a Greenhouse

Growing Tomatoes inside a green house is quite common, especially in Britain. In Britain it is definately sensible to consider this because of the cooler climate. It traps heat giving the tomatoes the warmth they need to survive in colder conditions. Also inside the greenhouse tomatoes can’t be blown off there stems because there is no wind, you just have to make sure that they are watered thoroughly. You should always check the label of your tomatoe seeds, just to check how frequently you should water your tomatoes.

Making sure that the plant is tied up correctly is essential, the last thing you want is the plant to be falling over from the tomatoes weight, U can either use string to tie it to the roof of the greenhouse or you can tie it to a stick which will hold it up.

When you are picking your tomatoes, dont get impatient and collect them before they are fully coloured. By doing this you have just wasted all the time you spent growing them because they haven’t reached there full potential, you definately can’t glue them back to the plant. Make sure they are ready!

You should remove the leaves from under the first truss, and you should remove yellow leaves as the season progresses. You shouldnt over do the de-leafing process, as it may damage your tomatoes.

Remember that good things come to those who wait, so just keep waiting until your tomatoes are ripe and enjoy the rewards of a beautiful mouth watering tomato that you have grown yourself.

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