Growing Tomatoes Upside-Down

An unusual new way to grow tomatoes, upside-down! There are many benefits of growing tomatoes upside down. One: Better air  circulation and plants have almost no disease problems. Two: the tomatoes stay off the ground preventing rot. Three: No staking up the plants just hang the buckets. Four: Less pests problems.and finally as the season ends you can bring the plants indoors so those green tomatoes in the vines will ripen. For the upside down container, we use 5-gallon buckets with their lids. If you can find the black plastic ones they be better for that they absorb more heat. They can be new or recycled but clean of any harmful materials. Look for the upside down containers in restaurants ,hardware stores or paint stores. Steps in growing tomatoes upside down:Cut a two or three inch hole on the bottom of the container and another hole in the center of the lid. It don’t matter if the holes are round or square. Stand the container upright,place some landscaping fabric to cover the hole so when we turn the container upside down the dirt will stay in the pail. We now fill the container with a good quality potting soil( mix in some compost )tamp the soil lightly.Fill the pail to the brim and before you place the lid back place another piece of landscaping fabric over the soil. With the lid on tight turn the pail upside down,cut a slit in the cloth material and plant your tomatoe seedling in deep( this makes the plant produce more roots from the stem). For the next week or so keep the bucket in a sunny location and well watered. As the plant reaches about a foot tall they are ready to hang up. These containers will be heavy so make sure they have planty of support to hold the weight down. This method of growing tomatoes upside down is becoming popular all over the USA and Canada. Greenhouses use these methods and also they grow peppers upside down.

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