burlap flowers

Burlap Flowers

Burlap Flowers are a simple, fun decoration. Using American Nettings’ Natural Burlap, Crop Cover and Poly Line, these little guys are made easy.

Cutting Burlap

Cutting burlap without it unraveling can be tricky. Here are a few pointers:

  1. Decide the dimensions. For making flowers 1.5″-2″ in width by 24″-30″ in length is recommended.
  2. Choose a thread line to be your edge
  3. Pull that thread until it is completely free from the burlap
  4. Cut down the line where the thread used to be

DSC_0098 DSC_0101 DSC_0108

How to Instructions

Once you have your burlap strips, you are half way!


  1. Fold the burlap strip in half
  2. Begin rolling on edge with the folded side up
  3. Once you have rolled it a few times (2-4), begin to twist the strip as you roll
  4. Make sure to twist it entirely around so that the folded edge remains on the outside or you will have loose burlap ends to deal with
  5. Keep twisting it around, holding it in place with your finger as you go.
  6. If a strand starts to come loose, remove it from the strip.
  7. Once you have gotten to the end, wrap the edge underneath.
  8. Apply hot glue to the back of the flower and place your Crop Cover piece on. Crop Cover should be cut into a small circle slightly smaller than flower prior to gluing.
  9. Trim any loose burlap strings
  10. And remember, the first one is always the most difficult
  11. If a stem is desired, puncture the Crop Cover on the back with scissors just enough to create a small hole. Put a small dollop of hot glue on the end of Poly Line (cut to whatever length is desired) and insert into the flower.

DSC_0109 DSC_0110 DSC_0112 DSC_0113 DSC_0117 DSC_0118 DSC_0120

Tah Dah! Burlap Flower! Feel free to play around with it. My first one took approximately 10 minutes. After I started getting the hang of it, it took about 3-4 minutes a flower.

For larger flowers add more length to the strip. For smaller flowers decrease the width and length.


Simply take your burlap flowers and decorate a wreath as sparsely or densely as you’d like. Cheap wreaths can be found at local thrift stores or convenience stores.



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