How to Measure For Your Bird Netting

Green Knitted Bird Netting

What Size Piece of Netting Do I Need?

       Figuring out the size piece of netting that you need is simple but very important.  The biggest mistake that people make is to order a piece that is too short.  It is much better to have too much then to be short.
Accurately calculating the size of netting to buy can save your time, frustration and money. (by that I mean, your sanity and maybe even your marriage, just kidding)

Cover a Fruit Tree

calculate the size bird netting you need to cover cherry tree
Fruit Tree Example: 
10′ tall tree that is 9′ wide at its widest section


38’x38′ netting required

always choice knitted Netting for draping directly over a tree!

Choice a width equal or greater then you need or pic 2 that can be sewn together long length wise (with fish line) to equal the width you need

View Knitted Netting option & pricing


netting size for hoop tunnel netting enclosure
Hoop Tunnel Example:
4′ tall and 10′ long hoop Tunnel Structure
((4’+4′)x 1.5)by((4’x2)+10′)
(8’x 1.5)by(8’+10″)

12’x18′ Netting required
knitted or extruded works for this because the netting won’t be touching the plant.

knitted Bird netting option
Extruded black plastic bird Netting
Big Bug bird netting

calculate netting size for a Garden netting enclosure
Garden Enclosure Example:
Garden Netting Enclosure that is
a rectangle shape
80′ long, 30′ wide and 8′ tall
46’x96′ netting required
All the Netting options will work for this structure as well.
Read More about how to choose the netting most appropriate for your needs
Remember, we can’t be responsible for your Math Skills.  This is only a guide

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