My First Gardening Experience

I could still remember my experience in first gardening. I did not think that it would be a disaster on my part and it made me to think not to do gardening again. I almost decided to change my casual hobby into anything rage-inducing topic that you can possibly say to me.
It began with a couple of weeks after I transferred in to my first house. Of course, having one could bring so much excitement for me since I was in condos and apartments for quite a long time. I was too excited to manage my own grass, to paint walls and transform anything that my mind desired. I thought to start my gardening by fruit garden so that I could have fresh fruits at home-I really didn’t have any idea on gardening that time. I didn’t care to ask for help because I thought, it would just be easy for me to do it.
That time, I already had a grassless area which could have been attempted to be used for planting- even if the site was still full of rocks and not suitable for any plant. I allocated several days on clearing out the whole area. At that time, I didn’t have any idea on the difference between soil and dirt. So, I was managing a nutrition-less, hard, and unforgiving land.
I made several attempts to make my garden to look nice. So I did taking stained boards from my basement and used them as borders for my garden to make it free from pests ( see? I really didn’t have any idea). I also used my rock collections for my garden to make it shrine-looking in front.
I went to stores and looked for any fruit that could be planted- watermelon? Yeah! strawberries?Sure! I dug a hole and put some seeds in and watered faithfully everyday. Several weeks had gone, I noticed that there were no stuffs growing and even If I realized that there would be no plant grows, still I continued to water it hoping that there might be one- I was heartbroken.
So, feeling betrayed and dejected, I went to surfing the net and searched for gardening tips.I immediately landed to a site that provided me the real skills in gardening. It was then I learned about nutrients, ideal watering, soil consistency, season- and all other essential things for gardening. Then, after that I learned the exact things to do- ideal soil, nutrients, water and techniques.
If you are in the position I was, and you just desired to begin a new garden-you should learn from my mistake. Just make it sure you have researched enough for techniques and knowledge that you really need for achieving the home garden of your dream.

Bercle George is an expert gardener and has published an excellent rose growing and gardening resource at

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