Privacy and Your Outdoor Swing

An outdoor swing is no good if you don’t feel free to use it. Some people have large yards where they can play with their kids, entertain guests, and relax on weekends. But the closer you live to your neighbors, the more you feel that you really don’t have your own space because you have no sense of privacy in your back yard. Dividers and fences can sometimes look unattractive. And what if you don’t want to shut up your back yard completely? You can use screens, shutters, or arbors to increase your sense of privacy around your outdoor swing.
You gain several advantages by choosing a screen as your privacy device. When you compare the cost of a screen to the cost of a tall fence around your yard, you can see that the cost of a privacy screen is smaller. Plus, if you want some privacy without closing yourself off completely, a screen provides what you want. Many screens are also mobile. If you purchase a screen you can move, you can find ways to get more use from it. Use it as a backdrop for special photos or decorate it for parties and showers. A privacy screen usually consists of several panels linked together with hinges. You can adjust them to some degree. A screen offers you a lot of flexibility.
If you want to make your own screen, try this. Find some old, tall shutters. Maybe you own an old house, and you have shutters stored away in the basement. If you know someone remodeling an old house, you might be able to score some old materials for free, just for taking them off your friend’s hands. Other places you might check include yard sales, estate auctions, and construction salvage yards. Once you’ve found your materials, give them a fresh coat of paint and install hinges. Bend the hinges so the panels will stand up on their own.
You can either buy or build an arbor, a framework upon which you can grow vines and climbing flowers. Be sure to measure your outdoor swing first so you can buy an arbor of the right size or the correct amount of building materials for a do-it-yourself project. Plants that work well on arbors include ivy, sweet pea, roses, honeysuckle, wisteria, morning glories, and more. But not every plant will perform equally well in the same spot; some like shade, and some like sun. If you need help determining which plants would thrive around your outdoor swing, consult a gardening friend or a salesperson at a plant nursery.
Increasing your sense of privacy around your outdoor swing does not have to become a hassle. Choose a more intensive project like an arbor, or solve the problem quickly with screens or shutters. The nice thing about screens, shutters, and arbors is that they can become decorative aspects to your landscaping. Most people can’t say that of a privacy fence. With screens, shutters, or arbors, you can invest the level of time and money you feel comfortable with. You can enjoy private time in your outdoor swing by taking a few simple steps.

Rachel Dawson is a freelance writer who enjoys quiet getaways outdoors. She writes about outdoor swings and cushions.

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