Privacy Shade Can Make Your Back Yard Feel Relaxing


Privacy Shade
Why be uncomfortable when being comfortable is so affordable and easy!
     I have owned my own house for the last 12 years.  I bought it when I was 26 and before I knew much about how to pick a place to live.  I was so proud of my self.  After all, buying your first house is a major accomplishment.  I started my family there and have many fond memories.  However, there is just on issue about the house that has been nagging me since a few days after I moved in.  My small back yard faces the the bar parking lot.  Separated by a chain link fence.
     I love the bar. Don’t get me wrong (lots of fond memories there as well 🙂 .  But My kids and I have hardly spent any time in the yard for the last 12 years because its a little uncomfortable playing in the back yard while people come and go from the bar to their cars just 10 ft from where we are jumping on the trampoline.  Some times people visit in the parking lot right in front of our yard, Awkward!  My favorite is when cousin Billy Bob pulls up and parks with a truck bed full of dogs.  While cousin Billy has a couple cold ones my dog and his dogs have a barking competition.  Now, no one is doing anything wrong, its just something I should have considered when I bought the place.
     Over the years, I have looked for something to block the view with out blocking too much light.  I tried a couple of things with out success.  They didn’t block the view enough and started looking very weather worn in just one season.
     The day that I discovered Privacy shade marked a new chapter in my families out door living life.
  1. The 6′ privacy shade is exactly the right width for a chain link fence.
  2. Its light weight, makes it effortless to install & only requires zip ties to hang on the fence.
  3. Its block my view of the parking lot about 75%
  4. It blocks the view from the parking lot into my yard 95% -all you can see is a little movement but you can’t make much out.
  5. It blocks harsh sun but lets lots of light through
  6. It looks professional, even though I put it up myself
Once the Fence was up, I immediately felt more relaxed in our yard. We play out there most every day now.  I don’t have to close the blinds any more.  So, there is more light in our house.  I also started taking more pride in maintaining the yard.  All I can say is that,
I wish I had known about this product 12 years ago.


Privacy- chain link fence, Sliding glass door, Back Yard privacy, windows
Sun Shade-Patio, yard, kid play area, school play ground, boat, garden, sporting events
Wind Block- back yard, garden, agriculture applications, sporting events
Event Fencing- Beer Garden, limit access to areas at any event
Who or what can use it:
People, livestock, pets, events, boaters,
fairs, swap meets, sporting events, Beer Gardens, Schools, Clubs

Types of Privacy shade:

Sand, Blue, Green, Black, Bright Green

most common light transmission 70%

 Sand, Green, Blue  Privacy Shade

sand color privacy shade green color privacy shade
SAND (tan) privacy shade

swatch of tan privacy shade cloth
Price: $10 to $20


6’x5′ to 6’x13′

BLUE Privacy shade

blue privacy shade swatch

Price $10 to $20

6’x4’10” to 6’x10′

click here to select desired dimension & Color

GREEN Privacy Shade
green privacy shade swatch

Price $10 to $20


6’x8′ to 6’12

Black  Privacy Shade
Privacy shade fence extender Livestock wind block shade fabric on a dog kennel
Fence Extenders
Live stock shade & wind protection
Pet Shade
Price $10 to $20

Dimensions available:  5’x5′, 7’x84′, 7’x50′

click here to select desired dimensions

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