Bird Netting Odds & Ends

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Bird Netting Odds & Ends are the same product, only the packaging has been damaged or they are odds sizes we cannot sell through our retail line. Great value!

Our knitted Bird Netting protects crops from birds and other invasive animals. The product is a  flexible, green  3/4″ raschel-knit, high density polyethylene mesh. The netting is soft and reinforced with U.V. stabilizers to protect it from sun damage, giving it a longer life expectancy of 5-8 years. Weighing only .07 oz/yd2 it is lightweight and can easily be used, reused, moved or stored without damage to the product.

As one of the oldest solutions to bird control, our Bird Netting stays true to its origins in simplicity for the user while utilizing cutting edge technology, making it the most effective option available. Birds can pose a huge problem for crops when they are not adequately controlled. With our Bird Netting we offer a simple and affordable solution!

See Discontinued Products for disposable knitted bird netting 17’x1000′.


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