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Commercial Bird & Bug Netting Odds & Ends


Here at American Nettings and Fabric we are proud to provide an extensive selection of products specifically tailored for commercial use. Note: the shorter sizes ( 3.5′, 4′ & 5′ ) are intended for use as side netting. Please see Product Description below for more information.

Custom orders are available, please call 1-800-811-7444 or contact us for more details.

Please Note:
Some items require a call-for-shipping-quote. These items have been marked with an ‘❗’ 

Available Options

ProductSizeColorSKUPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
Premium (4 yr)52" x 2168"Black$82.00Out of stock
Premium (4 yr)52" x 2119'Black$80.00Out of stock
Premium (4 yr)52" x 1500'Black$56.00Only 1 left in stock
Premium (4 yr)52" x 1000'Black$37.00Only 1 left in stock

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Marauding birds can devastate your valuable crop. Only bird mesh has proven to be 100% effective in crop protection. We supply bird netting for short-term and long-term applications. For temporary bird control. Our Premium Bird Netting is a cost-effective option that comes in a variety of sizes, including side netting sizes. Lasts 4+ years.

[av_table purpose=’tabular’ pricing_table_design=’avia_pricing_default’ pricing_hidden_cells=” caption=” responsive_styling=’avia_scrollable_table’ av_uid=’av-1hjxt1r’][av_row row_style=’avia-heading-row’ av_uid=’av-1gud8m7′]
[av_cell col_style=’avia-highlight-col’ av_uid=’av-1eku51b’]Item
[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=” av_uid=’av-1dc5cdb’]Mesh
[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=” av_uid=’av-1bcb6in’]Life Expectancy
[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=” av_uid=’av-194f0un’]Color
[/av_cell][/av_row][av_row row_style=” av_uid=’av-18mrqhb’]
[av_cell col_style=’avia-highlight-col’ av_uid=’av-16nni9r’]Knitted Bird Netting
[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=” av_uid=’av-152n93j’]3/4″ Square
[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=” av_uid=’av-138x7mn’]1 Year
[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=” av_uid=’av-112jhu7′]Green
[/av_cell][/av_row] [av_row row_style=” av_uid=’av-z6lakf’]
[av_cell col_style=’avia-highlight-col’ av_uid=’av-3glbpb’]Premium Netting
[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=” av_uid=’av-wgtx1b’]3/4″ Square
[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=” av_uid=’av-324hpb’]4 Years
[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=” av_uid=’av-szzqwv’]Black
[/av_cell][/av_row][av_row row_style=” av_uid=’av-r92fzj’]
[av_cell col_style=’avia-highlight-col’ av_uid=’av-p1wfof’]Premium PLUS Netting
[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=” av_uid=’av-ntnxfj’]3/4″ Square
[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=” av_uid=’av-mf5q6n’]10 Years
[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=” av_uid=’av-kralb3′]Black
[/av_cell][/av_row] [av_row row_style=” av_uid=’av-ijzv8v’]
[av_cell col_style=’avia-highlight-col’ av_uid=’av-hnf10v’]Big Bug Netting
[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=” av_uid=’av-gczn9r’]1/6″ Square
[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=” av_uid=’av-ebstvj’]5 Years
[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=” av_uid=’av-cevovz’]Blue

Custom orders are available, please call 1-800-811-7444 or contact us for more details.

For discounted Commercial Bird & Bug Netting, please see Commercial Bird & Bug Netting Odds & Ends.

For permanent overhead installation, our Premium Plus Bird Netting pays for itself in the first 1-2 years, and provides years of protection for clean, undamaged fruit. Lasts 10+ year.


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Premium Netting

  • Material: Polypropylene with UV stabilizer
  • Life expectancy 4 yrs
  • Average weight: 10.01 gsm
  • 2.05 LBS/MSF

This form of netting is ideal for a lightweight, shorter term application, such as side netting.


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Premium PLUS Netting

  • Extruded and biaxially oriented Polypropylene with UV stabilizer
  • Life expectancy of 10 yrs
  • Average weight: 13.67 gsm
  • Strand count: 5.12/ 10 cm
  • 2.8 LBS/MSF

This form of netting is heavier than the Premium Netting, giving it more strength and durability. It is best used for long term applications requiring greater structural support.


[av_one_third av_uid=’av-q1nnj’]Big Bug Netting[/av_one_third]

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Big Bug Netting

  • Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene with UV stabilizer
  • Life expectancy 5 yrs
  • Average weight: 4 LBS/ MSF
  • Blue

Also available in our Wholesale section, Big Bug Netting is specifically designed to keep those pesky bugs out. Our Big Bug Netting  is a medium blue mesh with 1/6″ square openings. It is made form bi-axially oriented polypropylene that has a UV stabilizer added to give it a life expectancy of 5+ years. This netting is best used for insect control such as June bugs, cicadas, wasps and Japanese beetles, on a small or large scale application.


[av_one_third av_uid=’av-3rouf3′]Big Bug Netting Application[/av_one_third]

[av_one_full first av_uid=’av-30xu7j’]

Please see Agro-Line for ideas for creating netting structures and securing the bottom of netting to the ground.

For discounted Commercial Bird & Bug Netting, please see Commercial Bird & Bug Netting Odds & Ends.

See also Vineyard- Multi-Row & Drape Netting for other commercial netting options. Please see Big Bug Netting and/or Bird Netting for smaller sizes and products with similar applications.


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Premium (4 yr), Premium PLUS (10 yr), Big Bug Netting, Net to Wire Clips, Net to Net Clips, Discounted


14' x 500', 17' x 500', 33' x 610', 17' x 1000', 3.5' x 5000', 4.25' x 5000', 5' x 5000', 7' x 5000', 8' x 5000', 14' x 5000', 15' x 5000', 16' x 5000', 17' x 5000', 17.5' x 5000', 20' x 5000', 1,000 / bag, 15'x 500', 4.33' x 5000', 52" x 1000', 52" x 1500', 52" x 2119', 52" x 2168"


Black, Blue, Green, Purple

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