Jute Erosion Control Mesh

Jute Erosion Control Mesh is a biodegradable, open weave solution for erosion control. For suggestions and more information, please see Product Description below.

  • Natural jute fibers
  • No added dyes, synthetic fibers or chemicals
  • 100% organic robust geotextile
  • Weight 496 gm/m2
  • Improves mineral content and soil moisture
  • Biodegrades within 6 months

Please see Natural Burlap, Garden Netting & Utility Netting for products with similar applications.

For discounted Jute Erosion Control Mesh, please see Jute Erosion Control Mesh Odds & Ends.

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Garden Netting ApplicationJute Erosion Control Mesh is a biodegradable open weave erosion control mesh designed to prevent soil erosion and retain moisture while promoting selective plant growth and stability. The open mesh traps seeds and provides a good environment for germination. Made of 100% natural, jute fibers and allows water and light infiltration to encourage vegetation growth and add to the mineral content of the soil. It is flexible and strong when being laid, and becomes heavy when wet, conforming to ground contours. The mesh will eventually decompose, encouraging worm and microbial activity, and aids in soil conditioning and nitrogen fixation.

Instructions for natural erosion control:

Use on slopes or plains. After clearing debris and weeds, roll out the mesh to fit the size of the cleared area. Overlap Jute by 6″ if area is wider than 4′. Secure edges with BioStakes every 2-3 feet. Once the Jute erosion control cloth is secured, either seed or plant grasses or other erosion control vegetation through the mesh openings. The mesh will biodegrade naturally within 6 months to 2 years, depending on microbial action. On steeper slopes, did a 6″-12″ deep trench at the top of the cleared area and secure the mesh in the trench with BioStakes.

Jute Erosion Control Mesh is designed to be a surface soil solution. It does not help with initial nutrient depletion, compacted or other soil issues.

How to use Jute Erosion Control Mesh fabric:

  • Roadside & General Landscaping
  • Garden & Revegetation Beds
  • Wetlands & Land Reclamation
  • Protection of Riverbanks & Embarkments

Please see Natural BurlapGarden Netting & Utility Netting for products with similar applications.

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4'x20', 4'x225'

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