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Plant Support Netting (Trellis)


Plant Support Netting, also known as Trellis Netting, is a great way to increase crop yields. The wide openings allow for easy access during harvesting. Plant Support Netting increases yield by allowing for more sunlight and air exposure, while decreasing ground rot and pest damage. For suggestions and more information please see Product Description below.

  • Extruded polypropylene
  • Clear, white & green
  • 6″ x 6″ mesh openings
  • Rated to 28 lbs per strand*
  • UV stabilized
  • Life Expectancy: 5+ years

A special thanks to PURE PEONIES in Everson, WA for the photo!

For smaller sizes please see Trellis Netting.

See also Trellis Netting Odds & Ends for discounted Trellis Netting.

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SizeColorProductSKUPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
3' x 3280'WhitePlant SupportTN3-2$184.27Out of stock
40" x 3280'WhitePlant SupportTN3.5--1$214.99In stock
4' x 1500'WhitePlant SupportTN4-1500-2$122.49In stock
4' x 3280'WhitePlant SupportTN4-2$244.99In stock
1000/bagPurpleNet to Wire Clips002340-2$49.95In stock
1000/bagPurpleNet to Net Clips00238-2$49.95In stock

Plant Support Netting

Flower Netting

Our Plant Support Netting is used in a multitude of crops, whether horizontally to keep flowers stems supported and straight, to prevent greenhouse grown potted plants from blowing over from fan directed air, or to support, train, and prevent rot in vegetable plots. Used vertically for commercially grown bean, peas, etc. this product will also help support branches against wind and rain, when erected on both sides of the crop (sandwiching). Life expectancy of 5+ years.

Plant Support Netting (Trellis)

Climbing Vines, Beans, Peas, etc.

Secure sturdy poles, such as our Garden Pole Sections at intervals, fasten one side of netting to the first pole with staples, nails or lacing (allow 4-6″ or 10-15 cm clearance from the ground). Stretch netting to second pole and fasten. Long rows will need support posts, as well as supporting wire woven through the top mesh of the netting or attached with Net to Wire Clips. We recommend using our Agro-Line for this application. Continue procedure for additional rows.

For smaller sizes please see Trellis Netting.

See also Trellis Netting Odds & Ends for discounted Trellis Netting.

Net to Net Clips

Net to Net Clips are nearly circular in shape with a closed opening. This makes them ideal for joining netting together. The closed opening ensures the product will not fall from where it is fastened. Particularly useful in connecting netting to other netting or itself.

Sku 00238 above or check out our accessories page!

Net to Wire Clips

Net to Wire Clips are oblong in shape and have a 3/16″ fixed opening. Each clip has a riveted edge on one side of the opening. This edge is ideal for completely securing wire to, while the other side without the edge is ideal for clipping netting. Net to Wire Clips are designed to withstand a great deal of stretching, so they are perfect for tighter fits. Particularly useful in connecting netting to wire.

Sku 00238 above or check our our accessories page!

Additional information

Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 8 in

3' x 3280', 3.5' x 3280', 4' x 3280', 6.5' x 328', 6.5' x 1000', 6.5' x 1500', 6.5' x 3280', 1000/bag, 4' x 203', 4' x 188', 4' x 178', 4' x 225', 4' x 182', 4' x 100', 6.5' x 50', 6.5' x 200, 6.5' x 100, 6.5' x 260', 6.5'x 275', 6.5' x 189', 6.5' x 255', 44" x 100', 2' x 200', 4' x 173', 4' x 194', 4' x 100', 4' x 1500', 40" x 3280'


Clear, White, Green, Purple


Plant Support, Net to Wire Clips, Net to Net Clips

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