S Hooks are intended for attaching grommeted products to rope, cables, eye bolts or the like. For recommended uses and more information, please Product Description below.

  • Zinc plate
  • 1-5/8″

Please see Shade Fabric Clips for products with similar applications.

Items recommended for use with S Hooks include: Privacy Shade, Stable-Knit Shade Cloth and Ribbon-Knit Shade Cloth.

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S Hooks are a convenient solution for hanging grommeted materials of all shapes, sizes and weights. For installation, simply slide one end of the S Hook through the grommet. Then hang the opposite end on our Poly Line, wire, rope or other (Poly Line offers the same level of strength as other wiring options while weighing 1/5 as much). Anticipate adding approximately 1-1 1/2″ for the S Hook when measuring the height of the hanging material. It is also important to note the weight of the material to anticipate how much, if any, sag will occur once it is hung. They may be squeezed shut for a permanent attachment or used as is for easy, reusable, on and off installations.

S Hooks can be used for a multitude of applications in the garden or home (such as hanging small, light-weight planters or other decorative ideas). Be creative and don’t limit the possibilities for this product inside the home and out!

If the desired material is not grommeted, Shade Fabric Clips are an option, as they fasten directly to the material.

Items recommended for use with S Hooks include Privacy Shade, Stable-Knit Shade Cloth and Ribbon-Knit Shade Cloth.

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