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Shrub Wrap


Shrub Wrap helps protect shrubs and small trees. For suggestions and more information, please see Product Description below.

  • Knitted Polyethylene
  • Light weight
  • Prevents breakage from snowfall, transportation and more
  • Life expectancy: 1 season

Please see Crop Cover and/or Natural Burlap for products with similar applications.

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Use Shrub Wrap to prevent branches from breaking due to snowfall. Shrub Wrap is also ideal for transporting shrubs and trees to prevent breakage.


Start wrapping at the bottom of the shrub until the netting snags, allowing you to start pulling tighter. Continue wrapping in an upward spiral direction overlapping by half the width to eliminate gaps. Once at the top of the shrub, unroll a certain length and cut the wrap, tuck the loose end into the shrub, or tie the netting off to itself.

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Please see Crop Cover and/or Natural Burlap for products with similar applications.

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19"x50', 19"x250'

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