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Shade Cloth Odds & Ends


Privacy Shade Cloth can be used to protect yourself and others from the sun’s damaging rays, create a more private area or to simply protect your vegetable garden. Offered in 3 light colors (which provide more privacy than dark colors). For suggestions and more information, please see Product Description below.

  • Knit HDPE
  • Sand, Green & Blue
  • 70% shade
  • Light weight: 2.65 oz/yd
  • Cuts with scissors without unraveling
  • Can be installed temporarily or permanently
  • UV stabilized
  • Life expectancy: 5+ years

Please see American Knit Shade Cloth and Natural Burlap for products with similar applications.


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Available Options

SizeColorQuantity AvailableUV Protection %SKUPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
7'8"x7'3"Black135%$6.59Out of stock
10'x18'Black135%$50.99Only 1 left in stock
10'x30'Black135%$65.99Out of stock
9'8" x 6'Black165%$24.99Out of stock
12'x7'3"Black165%$16.29Out of stock
10' x 13'Black150%$30.00Only 1 left in stock
4'5"x4'5"Blue170%$4.54Out of stock
7'x12'Black180%$13.32Out of stock

American Knit Shade Cloth

$41.79 – $837.79

Stable-Knit Shade Cloth

35% Black 8′ 12′ 20′
50% Black 8′ 12′ 20′
65% Black 8′ 10′ 12′ 20′

Stable-Knit Shade Cloth is specially designed to provide strength and structural support similar to woven shade cloth, yet handle like lock-stitch knitted cloth.

  • Raschel-knit HDPE monofilament
  • Black
  • 35%, 50% & 65% shade quality
  • Cuts without unraveling
  • UV stabilized
  • Life expectancy: 10+ years

Ribbon-Knit Shade Cloth

70% Black 6′
80% Black 12′
90% Black 12′

Ribbon-Knit Shade Cloth is designed with easy installation in mind.

  • Lock-stitch knitted polypropylene
  • Black
  • 70%, 80% & 90% shade quality
  • Cuts without unraveling
  • UV stabilized
  • Life expectancy: 8+ years

american knit shade cloth


knit shade cloth


american knit shade cloth



Produce Protection

As wonderful as direct sunlight can be for produce, it can sometime be too much. Shade Cloth can be used to help protect against wilting or burning caused from too much sun exposure.

Yard Shade

privacy-shade_sunProtect yourself and others from the sun’s damaging rays using American Knit Shade Cloth. It is lightweight and can be cut with scissors, meaning it can be hung absolutely anywhere with ease. Use Shade Fabric Clips or S Hooks (if it has grommets) for easy installation. For the purpose of privacy, please see our Privacy Shade Cloth.

Pet Shade

American Knit Shade Cloth can be used over the top of dog runs or livestock enclosures to protect animals from sun exposure.


Sun isn’t always the problem, sometimes it is wind. Shade Cloth works wonderfully as a windbreak.


American Knit Shade Cloth can be used for weddings and other formal events. It is visually pleasing and inexpensive.

Please see American Knit Shade Cloth and Natural Burlap for products with similar applications.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

6'x36', 6'x63.5', 12'x45', 12'x12'x17', 14'x12', 10'x12.5', 10'x10', 6'x10', 9'x12', 10'x28', 10'x8', 8'x5'10", 6'x20', 2'10"x8'10", 12'x7'3", 7'8"x7'3", 6'x5', 6'6"x16'9", 8'x23', 2'4"x40', 18"x30', 3'4"x7'9", 4'5"x4'5", 5'9"x5'9", 5'9"x5'6", 6'x5'5", 7'6"x9'3", 5'6"x6', 10'x30', 20'x20', 10'x18', 10' x 13', 7'x12', 4'x20, 9'8" x 6'


Sand, Blue, Green, Black, Hunter Green, White

Quantity Available

1, 2

UV Protection %

65%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 35%, 50%, 60%, 30%

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