Here at American Nettings and Fabric we are proud to provide an extensive selection of products specifically tailored for vineyard use. Whether it is being used primarily for bird/ bug control or for growing vine support, we have the perfect Vineyard Netting solution. For more information regarding each product’s specific benefits see Product Description below.

Multi-Row Netting 5/8″ Hexagon 10 yrs Black
Drape Netting 3/4″ Diamond 10 yrs Green


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KPH05 WHITEPremium Hex Netting17'x328'$167.94
KPH05-400 WHITEPremium Hex Netting17'x1640'$817.50
KPH10 WHITEPremium Hex Netting33'x328'$336.14
KPH15 WHITEPremium Hex Netting49'2"x328'$492.00
KMR065Multi-Row Netting21.3′x328'$250.00
KMR13Multi-Row Netting42.7'x328'$600.00
KMR20Multi-Row Netting65.6'x328'$900.00
KDN052Drape Netting17′x750'$369.00
KDN10Drape Netting33'x610'$549.00
KDN15Drape Netting49'x328'$465.00
002340Net to Wire Clips1,000/bag$49.95
00238Net to Net Clips1,000/bag$49.95

Vineyard Multi-Row & Drape Netting is the heaviest and longest lasting of all the nettings we provide.

Knitted Multi Row Vineyard Netting Swatch

Vineyard Netting

Multi-Row Netting

This form of netting uses a unique hexagon mesh, diversifying its usefulness. Our Multi-Row Netting is the heaviest of the netting products we provide, making it the sturdiest and most durable option. Best used for large-scale applications requiring extra structural support.

  • HDPE monofilament with UV stabilizer
  • Life expectancy 10yrs
  • Raschel knitted lock stitched
  • Average weight: 39 gsm
  • 5/8″ Hexagon mesh opening
  • Black

drape netting vineyard netting swatchDrape Netting

A variation of the Multi-Row Netting, this form is lighter with a diamond mesh shape, making it a good in between product. This netting is designed to be draped rather than being stretched tight. Drape Netting’s green color offers a different lighting contrast, encouraging unique plant growth. It is best used for large scale bird and bug control applications.

  • HDPE monofilament with UV stabilizer
  • Life expectancy 10 yrs
  • Average weight: 25 gsm
  • 3/4″ Diamond mesh opening
  • Green

We recommend using our Netting Clips to easily fasten Vineyard- Multi-Row & Drape Netting to trellis wire or other structures. Please see Agro-Line for ideas for creating netting structures and securing the bottom of netting to the ground.

See also Vineyard-Bird & Bug Netting for more options. Please see Big Bug Netting and/or Bird Netting for smaller sizes and products with similar applications.

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Multi-Row Netting, Drape Netting, Net to Wire Clips, Net to Net Clips, Premium Hex Netting, Lt Wt Bird Netting


21.3′x328', 42.7'x328', 65.6'x328', 17′x750', 49'x328', 33'x610', 1,000/bag, 17'x328', 17'x1640', 33'x328', 49'2"x328', 17'x2500'

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multi row nettingVineyard – Multi-Row & Drape Netting
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