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Woven Ground Cover Odds & Ends


Commercial Woven Ground Cover is designed to stop grasses and weeds safely in gardens, fields, greenhouses and display areas by eliminating virtually all light. It is a cost effective fabric that allows water and nutrients to freely pass through to the soil.

  • Woven polypropylene**
  • Black with blue lines every 12″
  • 3.2 oz/yd2
  • 17 mils thick
  • Permeability: 10 gal/min/sf
  • Tensile strength: 130×120 lbs
  • Tear strength: 85 lbs
  • Puncture strength: 70 lbs
  • Burst strength: 320 psi
  • UV stabilized
  • Life expectancy: 15+ years

**Cutting may cause unraveling or split edges.

As an added service, this product can be sewn into large custom panels for container fields, commercial composting, or other uses. Quantity discounts available on 10,000+ SF. For all custom orders, follow the Woven Ground Cover Custom Sizes link.

Woven Ground Cover (Custom Sewn to Any Size)

GC3-LF 3′ .59
GC4-LF 4′ .72
GC5-LF 5′ .91
GC6-LF 6′ 1.09
GC10-LF 10′ 1.39
GC12-LF 12′ 1.72
GC126-LF 12′ 6″ 1.82
GC15-LF 15 2.12
GC156-LF 15′ 6″ 2.22

Please Note:
Some items require a call-for-shipping-quote. These items have been marked with an ‘❗’ 

*denotes products that FedEx applies an over-sized surcharge.

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Available Options

sizecolorSKUPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
3'x40'White w/ Blue Ribbon$19.60Only 1 left in stock
3'x40'Black w/ Yellow Ribbon$19.60Only 1 left in stock
3'x43'Black w/ Yellow Ribbon$21.07Only 1 left in stock
3'x30'Black w/ Yellow Ribbon$14.70Only 1 left in stock
3'x21'Black w/ Purple Ribbon$10.29Only 1 left in stock
3'x45'Black w/ Purple Ribbon$22.05Only 1 left in stock
10'x100'Black w/ Yellow Ribbon$129.00Only 1 left in stock
10'x20'Black w/ Blue Ribbon GT Ends$25.80Only 1 left in stock
10'x20'Black w/ Blue Ribbon$25.80Only 1 left in stock
18'x12'Black w/ Blue Ribbon$29.16Only 1 left in stock
4'x21'Black w/ Blue Ribbon$13.02Only 1 left in stock
10'x 56'.8"Black w/ Yellow Ribbon$73.27Only 1 left in stock
6'x4'Black w/ Yellow Ribbon$7.92Only 1 left in stock
14'x16'White w/ Black Ribbon$32.32Only 1 left in stock
3.5'x42'White w/ Blue Ribbon$20.58Only 1 left in stock
3'x14'Black w/ Yellow Ribbon$6.86Only 1 left in stock
15'x60'White w/ Black Stripes$121.20Only 1 left in stock
17.5'x14'Blue Woven$35.35Only 1 left in stock
15'x17'Blue Woven$34.34Only 1 left in stock
27.5x20'Blue Woven$72.80Only 1 left in stock
12.5'x12Blue Woven$20.64Only 1 left in stock
15.6'x16'Blue Woven$33.92Only 1 left in stock
15'x20'Blue Woven$40.40In stock
15'x18'Blue Woven$36.36Only 1 left in stock
12.5'x16'Blue Woven$27.52In stock
15'x13'Blue Woven$26.26Only 1 left in stock
15'x14'Blue Woven$28.28In stock
15'x15'Blue Woven$30.30In stock
15'x16'Blue Woven$32.32In stock
15'x18'Blue Woven$36.36In stock
12.5'x13'Blue Woven$22.36In stock
12.5'x14'Blue Woven$24.08Only 1 left in stock
12.5'x15'Blue Woven$25.08In stock
12'x13'Blue Woven$21.06Only 1 left in stock
12'x15'Blue Woven$24.30Only 1 left in stock
12.5"x10'Blue Woven$17.20Only 1 left in stock
7.5'x75'Blue Woven$7.20Only 1 left in stock
10'x10'Blue Woven$12.90Only 1 left in stock
10'x100'Blue Woven$129.00In stock

Stop grasses and weeds safely in your production fields, greenhouses and display areas with this proven cost effective fabric. Virtually eliminates all light while allowing water and nutrients to pass through to the soil. Durable polypropylene has lines every 12″ for easy alignment of containers and overlaps. Lasts for years outdoors against sunlight degradation.

Uses Include:

  • Weed Barrier
  • Extend Growing Season (Soil Warmer)
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Blackout Cloth
  • Composting

 **Cutting may cause unraveling or split edges.

Please see Woven Landscape Fabric and/or Contractor Landscape Fabric for products with similar applications.

Additional information

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Dimensions N/A

3'x14', 3'x21', 3.5'x42', 3'x11', 3'x43', 3'x45', 3'x30', 3'x40', 3'x50', 4'x21', 6'x4', 7.5'x75', 10'x10', 10'x20', 10'x 56'.8", 10'x100', 12'x13', 12'x15', 12.5'x12, 12.5'x16', 12.5"x10', 12.5'x13', 12.5'x14', 12.5'x15', 12.5'x15', 14'x16', 15'x13', 15'x14', 15'x15', 15'x16', 15'x17', 15'x18', 15'x20', 15.6'x16', 15'x28', 15'x60', 17.5'x14', 18'x12', 27.5×20'


1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Blue Woven, White w/ Black Ribbon, White w/ Blue Ribbon, Black w/ Yellow Ribbon, Black w/ Blue Ribbon, Black w/ Blue Ribbon GT Ends, Black w/ Purple Ribbon


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