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Beverly’s Best- YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! Do you remember hearing “you are what you eat”? Do you know why those wise words have a lot of depth and meaning? Because all our life enhancing nutrients come from what we put in our bodies. Our food gets it’s nutrients from the soil it is grown in, and the soil is as good [...]

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Educating Yourself About Bird Netting

Educate Yourself About Bird Netting Before You Shop Know what you are getting for your money Mary's Story         Mary is a wonderful lady with a lovely family.  Family is the most important thing to her and that is why she was so excited when her children began to have kids of their own.  She had plans [...]

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5 Great Ways to Attract Birds into Your Garden

It's not just nice for you to have birds visit your garden, it is also good for your garden as well, the reason is that most varieties of garden birds have a great appetite for insect pests that populate your garden and cause harm to your plants and shrubs. If you want to make your garden bird friendly and attract [...]

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Got Pest Birds? Here’s How to Scare Birds Away

While bird populations in North America have dropped considerably in the past 40 years, birds tend to nest or rest on the nation's coasts where nearly half the U.S. human population lives or works. Most birds serve an important role in the ecosystem, but three species of birds in the U.S. are considered pests. Birds categorized as pests include the [...]

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Protect Your Seedlings From Animals & Birds

No matter how much people try to encourage the wildlife to visit and live in their gardens. There will always be occasions and/or parts of the garden where we do not welcome them. This being mainly when we are planting young seedlings or a crop of edible plants is getting close to harvest. So we have to strike a balance [...]

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How Useful is Bird Control

Pest birds can be a health hazard, carrying and transmitting any of 60 known diseases. Sparrows and Feral Pigeons can carry bacteria causing Salmonellosis. Feral Pigeons carry Ornithosis, which is similar to viral pneumonia. Birds, bird droppings and their nesting materials contain insects and mites. These insects can damage property, stored foods and fabrics. As many building owners have learned, [...]

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How Does Your Garden Grow? By Bird Proofing

Most people when asked that age old nursery rhyme question, “How does your garden grow?” would spew out, “with silver bells and cockleshells, and pretty maids all in a row.”  If you are the wise, experienced gardener you may have a different answer, “bird proof, from grass to roof.”  Not only does it take watering, pruning and fertilizing to get [...]

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Getting Rid of Pest Birds

For many people, their home is their greatest asset.  It provides shelter, equity, and sense of accomplishment so it is without surprise that most people will do whatever it takes to protect the value and aesthetic properties of their home.  Unfortunately, humans are not the only creatures who seek refuge in a house.  Pest birds such as pigeons and sparrows [...]

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Bird Proofing Commercial Buildings

Unlike homes and boats, commercial buildings suffer damage from pest birds on a grand scale. Commercial  building owners spend millions of dollars every year to deal with problems associated with pest birds. The only viable solution is bird proofing. Failure to bird proof a commercial building can lead to all sorts of problems. The droppings pest birds leave seriously detract [...]

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Want to Make Birds Go Away? There Are Many Ways To Go

Homeowners and commercial enterprises spend millions of dollars every year trying to play catch up with the damage and nuisance inflicted by pest birds. If only there was a way to make birds go away. No one really wants to harm our fine feathered friends, we just want them to find a nice tree in the park to call home. [...]

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Bird Repellents for your Home and Garden

Flowers are blooming, the leaves are returning to the trees and we are ready to plant our gardens…but who invited those pesky birds?  Pest birds such as sparrows, swallows, pigeons and crows can invade our yards, gardens and set up home on our houses.  Each year homeowners will spend hundreds of dollars cleaning up after and repairing the damage caused [...]

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Unique Bird repellents

People are already tired of buying ineffective pigeon repellents and other bird control installations. It is time for a revolutionary method that is going to scare all the pigeons from nesting on your roof and from landing in unwanted areas. Spikes, nets, trap, repellents are less effective - pigeons can easily find ways to avoid them all in the long [...]

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