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We are back! New looks for your garden

The new year is upon us and with that comes excitement for change! Who says you have to have the same garden year after year? Although uncommon to work with your plants in the winter; there are some good ways of revamping the look and feel of your garden for new beginnings! Also, try a new comfort dish to get [...]

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Garden Winterizing Tips

As the weather begins to change the majority of gardeners are hanging up their shovels for the season. Many don't know that with the right products, the growing season can last all year.   In this article, we will be focusing on tips and recommendations for winter gardening. In particular we will discuss how to use winterizing products such as CROP COVER, [...]

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Create Your Best Garden Ever in 3 Hours

Create Your Garden in 3 Hours! Why and who would want to do this? This method of growing your garden is great for beginning gardeners, people who are short on time, kids, people with limited physical ability and even those of us who love fresh produce but have a very short attentions span. I happen to be in three of [...]

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Top Ten Uses for Crop Cover (Row Cover)

Top Ten Uses for Crop Cover: 1.  Protect your plants from frost 2.  Create a tent enclosure over a trellis row 3.  Create a tunnel cover over a veggie row 4.  Protect vulnerable starts from wind in dry windy areas 5.  Create a floating crop cover that will rise up as your plant grows 6.  Germinate seeds in cooler weather [...]

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Crop Cover’s Are a Gardener’s Best Friend

Crop Cover is a Gardener’s Best Friend In Horticulture, row cover (or Crop Cover) is any material used to cover plants as a protective shield primarily against cold and frost.  It is also used to protect against wind, rain, snow, sun, bird and insect damage.  American Nettings’ row cover is called Crop Cover, not to be confused with cover crops, [...]

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