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Encourage Visitors to Your Garden

Is your garden your oasis? If so then how can you encourage others to join you? Frogs, birds and insects all need a home and with minimal effort you can invite them into your garden and watch them help you maintain it. Birds, frogs and insects are all vital for a balanced ecosystem in your garden. They can help keep [...]

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Eight Steps to a Bountiful Vegetable Garden

You've decided that you want a vegetable garden to lower your grocery bills. But, where do you start? There are eight essential steps to successful vegetable gardening. Step 1. Pick an appropriate area for your garden. When you choose your site, consider these important factors: - Sunlight. Most vegetables grow best in full sunlight. Choose an area that gets at [...]

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Why Gardening

Gardening is very important due to many factors but few of the things that make it stand out are that it helps you in learning patience and positive thinking. Gardening makes you learn that there are always cases in which you might not able to succeed as you expect. When starting this hobby it is always recommended that you start [...]

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Garden Landscaping Tips

You do not need to spend a fortune making your garden look beautiful. Follow these landscaping tips and your yard will be admired and appreciated by all. Start by drawing up your plans of how you want the garden to look based on the layout of your home. Consider where the sun is at various times of the day in [...]

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Gazebo: An Eye-catching Garden Structure

Many of us love the garden. It is a special place at home that gives us the rejuvenating and calming feeling. Most of the times, it is where we spend special moments with our love ones, or with the entire family. In some other times, it is an ideal place for prayers and meditation. Aside from parks, where else can [...]

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Crystal Gardening Water – Overcoming Challenges

Keeping the water crystal clear, literally, is the major challenge faced by most of the water gardeners. Generally, what looks like crystal clear water, is not so pure. It normally consists of numerous chemicals and mineral pollutants that are harmful for the water garden. The ideal color of water should either be green or little brown. On the first occasion [...]

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My First Gardening Experience

I could still remember my experience in first gardening. I did not think that it would be a disaster on my part and it made me to think not to do gardening again. I almost decided to change my casual hobby into anything rage-inducing topic that you can possibly say to me. It began with a couple of weeks after [...]

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Gardening – a Labor of Love…or Just Labor?

Gardening for many is a labor of love. All those hours spent weeding, pruning, watering, and fertilizing is worth it when your first spring bulb flowers, or your vegetable garden is ripe for the picking. Some don't consider gardening work, but therapy - a way to relax and escape for a few hours a week. For others, however, gardening as [...]

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Late Summer Garden: Easy & Affordable Gardening Tips

Has your late summer garden seen better days? If your outdoor paradise is getting a little ragged, and you would like some easy and cheap gardening tips to get it back into shape in time for fall, keep reading! Most gardens, no matter how well they are designed will have periods without a lot of bloom. But a late summer [...]

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Starting Your Own Garden

Lots of gardeners endeavor to circumvent fall gardening as much as they can due to the winter frosts that ordinarily come forth quite early and have the tendency to make things a little demanding. Studying all you can that's related to fall gardening as well as other gardening info will definitely prove advantageous to you in addressing any setbacks that [...]

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Put a Net to Protect Your Tree

If you have a trouble with birds, you have doubtless tried many solutions. Some of the most admired contain synthetic animals, scarecrows, airstream chimes, or decidedly reflective recording. All these clothes can do a great job of falling bird harms. I have entirely a few crimson leaves in my plot, and I worn to struggle a lot with birds. After [...]

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Protecting Trees With Bird Netting

If you have a problem with birds, you have probably tried many solutions. Some of the most popular include plastic animals, scarecrows, wind chimes, or highly reflective tape. All of these things can do a great job of reducing bird problems. I have quite a few cherry trees in my backyard, and I used to struggle a lot with birds. [...]

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