Planning You Garden Part I: From Apartment to Mansion

“Part I: From Apartment to Mansion” will cover practical ways of setting up a garden in whatever space you have available. Also included will be ideas, tips, and products that can make growing your perfect garden easier.
Keep an eye out for “Part II: Picking Your Produce” and “Part III: Preparing for Pests and Other Nuisances.”


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Poly Line for Christmas Time

This month’s addition we will be focusing on the wonderful things POLY LINE can be used for. As a gardening product, it is irreplaceable. It is pretty handy for other things as well.
 In particular we will discuss what POLY LINE is in the first place, how to use it in a trellis system, a knot tutorial for fastening to posts and other things, craft ideas using that old string and wire you no longer need, and a few recipes for fun. Learn more…


The Wonders of Burlap

This month’s topic is BURLAP! It is made by weaving fibers of the jute plant together. Burlap has been used for gardening, storage, transporting, crafts and cooking for centuries.
In this article, we will be focusing on using burlap in the garden, helpful tips such as how to cut burlap, craft ideas and coffee roasting instructions. Learn more…
Natural Burlap

Natural Burlap

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Trellis Netting

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Image   Trellis Netting


Peas, beans, cucumbers, etc., are easily harvested when grown on this large open mesh. Trellis Netting raises yields by increasing exposure to air and sunlight, thus reducing ground rot while optimizing garden space. Also ideal for ornamental climbers such as sweet peas, ivies, etc. A top wire is recommended for long runs. Use our Net to Wire Clips to quickly attach the netting to a guy wire to prevent sagging. Used horizontally for container growing to prevent blow overs or to support the plants. 



Item# Item Description Size Ship Wt. Price(US$) Buy
TN7 Trellis Netting 6.5'x1000m 54 lbs 389.00
238 Net to Wire Clips 1000/bag 2 lbs 32.95