Thank You’s from the Custer Community

Custer Elementary Kid’s Garden Club Fundraiser

Join The CUSTER Elementary KID’s Garden Club FUNDRAISER!

During the month of February, for every new like on our Facebook fan page American Netting’s well add $1 toward the amount of Gardening products that will be donated to the Custer Elementary Kids Garden Club (up to $500). Go to American Nettings & Fabric Inc. and click like.  American Netting’s will provide the kids with advise on Urban Gardening techniques that use vertical and horizontal space in order to get more crop production with less space and no chemicals.  The company will be donating  products such as trellis netting, crop cover, tomato greenhouse bags, veggie mulch fabric, shad cloth and what ever else may be needed.  If you would like to help, go to our facebook fan page and click LIKE.  We will be posting blogs with picture and video of the students progress though out the growing season.



1.  Easy to install
2. Takes up less space
3.  Makes room for more plants so you can have a bigger harvest
4. More affordable then tomato cages
5. Very beautiful in your garden and Neater more organized looking
6. Easier to prune tomato plant
7. Easier to harvest and you don’t have to bend as much
8. The whole plant gets better sunlight and creates bigger tastier tomatoes
9. Gets your plants off of the ground, allowing for more circulation of air and avoiding foliage and fruit rotting due to excess moisture.
10. Easier to protect from pests

Top 10 Uses for Privacy Shade Cloth


Top ten uses for Privacy Shade

If you and your family enjoy spending time outdoors chances are that you could benefit from the many uses for Privacy shade.  It’s easily customized to fit a specific size space.  Its light and compact which makes it easy to take with you on the go.  When its not to hot and you would like a little more son, it is easy to take down.

Top ten uses for privacy shade:

1.  Shade over you deck or patio

2.  Privacy screen from neighbors

3.  Wind screen for yard, patio or house

4.  Shade for sports and recreation

5.  Shade and wind protection for livestock animals

6.  Shade and wind protection for dog kennels

7.  Shade and wind screen for garden

8.  Shade and wind protection on a boat

9.  Shade for greenhouse

10.  Shade your vehicles from the harsh effects of ultraviolet light


Knitted Shade cloth can be used for just about any type of structure on your property or on the go and comes equipped with different levels of UV protection—50, 70 and 90 percent. Use whichever level of protection you need.  It can be secured permanently on solid structures with staples or screws.  It can also be secured with cord to trees, posts, the side of a house or RV.  The cord can be fastened with grommets or shade cloth snaps.  You can order a custom piece as well as order a large roll and customize it your self.  The possibilities are endless.

Shade cloth can provide vital protection for you and your family, especially during those long hot days of summer.  After all, you should be enjoying the outdoors with your family instead of squinting and burning in the hot sun.


Shade cloth screen

Shade cloth screen


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