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Considerations for Shade Gardening

  A love of trees can be a dilemma for home gardeners. The beauty and majesty that statuesque trees offer, along with the time needed to grow to maturity, make even a thought of removing them anathema for us. That's probably as it should be---the trees may be older than we are! Our decision to cut down trees can have [...]

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Privacy and Your Outdoor Swing

An outdoor swing is no good if you don't feel free to use it. Some people have large yards where they can play with their kids, entertain guests, and relax on weekends. But the closer you live to your neighbors, the more you feel that you really don't have your own space because you have no sense of privacy in [...]

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Top 10 Uses for Privacy Shade Cloth

Top 10 Uses for Privacy Shade If you and your family enjoy spending time outdoors chances are that you could benefit from the many uses for Privacy shade.  It’s easily customized to fit a specific size space.  Its light and compact which makes it easy to take with you on the go.  When its not to hot and you would [...]

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