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Green Tomato Chutney Recipe

I'm not by any means a gardener, but I do love my grandchildren and when they clamored to buy some seeds, I let them pick one packet each. Chloe the eldest picked a packet of mixed flowers, and I reckoned I could cope with them. But the youngest Bethany was going through one of those phases that children go through. [...]

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Growing Tomatoes – How to Avoid Common Problems

One of the most exciting moments in tomato growing is when flowers begin to fade and the first little pea-like fruits appear. Each day they grow a little bigger until they reach their mature size when they start to change colour and become ripe tomatoes. They look almost too good to eat! However, temperatures and humidity have to be right [...]

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Best Tips For Growing Tomatoes In Cold Weather

One of the biggest enemy of a tomato plant is cold weather. That's why growing tomatoes in cold climates forces us to choose between the two: greenhouse or indoor garden with fluorescent lights. Either way we need to remember both about the light and the temperature. We will discuss all these issues in this article. If we live in a [...]

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Why You Should Create a Hydroponic Greenhouse

Soil is very essential for a plant's life. Many people would wonder how a plant would grow without the use of soil. Because of the many advances and new technological discoveries, everything can be made in an instant such as food, beverages, and even plants. There are new methods in these modern days where they can grow the plants fast. [...]

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American Home Vegetable Gardening

A hundred years ago, almost every American family grew some of their own produce at home.  In rural America, farming families would grow almost all their vegetables, as well as raise livestock for their meat and dairy needs. Today, with the advent of mass transportation and the growth of suburban America, there are fewer and fewer self-supporting family farms.  Many [...]

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Learn About Fertilization for Greenhouse Plants

A plant newly potted will need some time so that it can grow new roots in order to absorb or take in the fertilizer that you will apply. How you fertilize and what type of fertilizer you use is dependent on what kinds of plants or crop you grow in your greenhouse, because every crop has a particular requirement with [...]

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The Structure of a Greenhouse

Having a farm is not just about planting crops and harvesting it. There is a lot of work to be done to protect it from disease, pests and the weather. Since these areas are usually big and require a lot of manpower, scientists have come up with a better idea. This plan is to grow crops in a controlled environment [...]

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What is Hydroponics Greenhouses

Hydroponic greenhouses provide an inorganic method of raising plants. Most plants that are hydroponically raised must be treated with proper care in controlled conditions. The use of gravel is common on this kind of greenhouses where the gravel supports the roots of the plants because no soil is used in raising the plants. It also balances the assorted nutrients that [...]

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Finding the Right Greenhouse to Buy

A farmer who has worked the land and still faces the same problems will eventually get tired. That person has to then make a choice. That is whether to sell the farm or try a new approach to make it profitable. This decision will not be easy. Perhaps this is because the land has been with the family for years. [...]

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Learn About the Misting System for Your Greenhouse

Greenhouses have become important tools in plant cultivation. They provide much needed growing rooms for places which are not very conducive for the development of certain plants. They allow the cultivation of plants in places which could grow these plants normally. There are many factors which can affect the development of plants inside a greenhouse. The proper balance of air [...]

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Learn All About Hoop House Greenhouse

Having a greenhouse will give many benefits to a gardener, whether he is a mere hobbyist or an expert plant cultivator. However, there are many things to consider in having a greenhouse, not to mention the expenses that come with building greenhouses. A good alternative is to own a hoop house type of greenhouse. These are very simple greenhouses which [...]

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How to Create a Commercial Greenhouse

The productivity and efficiency of operating a greenhouse is primarily dependent on the kind of growing materials used. Kinds of Greenhouses Detached greenhouses generally independently stand from each other. However, they can be joined to gain access by way of a corridor to the other greenhouse. The Quonset is the most common detached type of greenhouse for use in commercial [...]

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