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Watermelon Grows on Trellis Netting

This is a great example of urban gardening using a trellis to grow watermelon. I would use our trellis netting rather then the green cord in the picture because it looks translucent and is less obtrusive. when the watermelons get heavy you can make little hammocks for them out of left over netting so they don't fall off the vine. [...]

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Top 10 Reasons for Growing Tomotoes on Trellis

TOP 10 Reasons Why Growing Tomatoes on Trellis Netting is Fantastic 1.  Easy to install 2. Takes up less space 3. Makes room for more plants so you can have a bigger harvest 4. More affordable then tomato cages 5. Very beautiful in your garden and Neater more organized looking 6. Easier to prune tomato plant 7. Easier to harvest [...]

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Turn Your Gazebo Into An Outdoor Living Room

An outdoor gazebo is a roofed structure-open, latticework, or screened on all sides-that is, according to Webster's dictionary, "built on a site that provides an attractive view," and is sometimes used for entertaining or dining. The term gazebo can also apply to a pavilion, a bandstand, a summerhouse, a belvedere, or a cabana, even a vendor's booth. It is a [...]

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Pest Control for Your Vineyard

Protecting your vineyard grapes from the environment is a challenge that takes some cunning. Throughout the growing season you will want to ensure that your grapes are protected from disease as well as from pests like birds and insects, but also deer and other large grazing animals that may roam free where you live. Fungus and Disease There are several [...]

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Vineyard Pest Control

There are many categories of pests that may put your grapevine in risk : disease, insects, birds and deer. Among the most usual sicknesses influencing vines are black rot, mildew, phomopsis cane, leaf spot, and fungus. The most repeated signs of these common grapevine illnesses are leaf discoloration, fruit decay or a film of slime covering the leaves. In the [...]

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