Use Privacy Shade Fabric to Create a More Private Back Yard

Use Shade to Create a More Private Backyard

Project #1

Privacy Shade is a fabric that blocks view, wind and heat while allowing some light through.  It comes in black, white, sand, green and blue.  Some of its uses include:
1. Make a shady spot for relaxing in your yard
2. Shade the dog kennel
3. Shade your livestock
4. Shade plants from harsh sun
5. Shade greenhouses
6. Block for cattle during calving season
8. Privacy


Before privacy fence
 I have a really small yard on both sides of my house.  On this side my neighbors deck is right up against my fence.  We have some long narrow pieces of shade on sale right now.  So I 
Privacy shade fence extenderdecided to use shade as a fence extender to create more privacy in my back yard.  It looks pretty good.  I went to my neighbors yard to see how it looked 

and was pleasantly surprised to see even less through the other side. It only took me 45 minutes to cut the fabric and staple it up.

I’m very happy with it!  I liked it so much that next week I’m going to tackle the other Yard.  It faces a street and a busy bar parking lot with an unsightly chain link fence.  American Nettings has a light blue knitted 70% shade fabric that is 6′ wide and fits the height of a chain link fence perfectly.  I’ll be sure share pictures of that project when I’m done.
For sizes, prices and more information, please see Privacy Shade
view of privacy shade from neighbors side

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