Why Gardening

Gardening is very important due to many factors but few of the things that make it stand out are that it helps you in learning patience and positive thinking. Gardening makes you learn that there are always cases in which you might not able to succeed as you expect. When starting this hobby it is always recommended that you start it from the simplest level and then move further up the advance level simply for the reason that you can not climb a ladder by skipping the steps.

There are many benefits related with this hobby which include health benefits, understand and tend to the needs of nature, contribute to green earth and most of all having fun.

Sometimes life takes so much out of you that at one point it becomes unbearable and you want to find a way out of it. Gardening can be the answer to your prayers. It not only helps you in relaxing but also the absence of stress results in controlling of blood pressure. As a result you will soon feel a major change in yourself. For this reason, many scientists and doctors recommend gardening to their patient as a tonic to their stressful life.

Another aspect of gardening is that you finally come to understand nature. Over the past few decades humans have been steadily ignoring nature and its need. This has resulted in the loss of many rain forests, rare plants and herbs. Those who study nature know this from a fact that nature provides us with cure to almost all diseases in this world. For every sickness there is a plant that has a cure hidden deep inside it. However, due to our negligence we are steadily losing these plants and herbs and thus cure to our many diseases. Being involved in gardening helps us in understanding the plants better and tending to their needs ensure that we will not lose them.

Another importance of gardening can be deducted from the fact that it helps in contributing to keeping the earth green. This is an issue that has become one of the hottest topics of discussion. The main reason behind this is that with the loss of plant earth is facing an increasing threat of pollution, natural disasters, earth quakes, floods etc. Thus gardening helps in spreading awareness among the masses regarding this problem.

In short, gardening is one of the most easiest and relaxing activities. This hobby comes with an added advantage of making you realize your responsibility towards earth as a human being. And being such a low cost activity, anyone can adopt


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