Worms for Your Garden & Fishing




No more sleepless nights.  I have stayed up all night with a flashlight and a garden hose.  I can just remember waiting for those tricky worms to pop up out of the ground.  I had to be fast because the second I shined my flash light on them they would try and get away.  They were the only things standing in the way of me landing the big fish at the lake.  So when I came across this technique, that I am about to describe to you, I had to laugh at my self for doing it the hard way all these years.

This technique is so easy and simple it should be illegal.  All you have to do is find an area with moist soft dirt.  Try under a log or a board that has been sitting in the same place for a while.  Push a 12 to 18” long stick about a quarter of the way into the ground.  Rub another stick against it like you are trying to start a fire.  Do this for about 2 to 5 minutes and you should see tons of worms popping up to the surface.

If you are going fishing, just start grabbing and tossing them into a container and be on your way.  But, if you thought worms were only good for fishing then think again.  You can do this in several locations in your garden to summon more worms to work the soil and take advantage of all the benefits that worms can bring to growing your own food.

Worms do all sorts of things in the soil that help make soil perfect for growing healthy food.  There is nothing like having around 500,000 farm hands, per acre of soil, to work for free.  These little farm hands break down organic matter by eating and burrowing there way through the soil.  As they eat they leave behind castings that are an excellent fertilizer.  As they burrow they leave behind tunnels that make room for air and water to be held and made available to plant roots.  All the while they are mixing organic matter such as leaves and grass at the surface with the soil below.

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