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Offering extensive selections of horticultural products for both home and commercial applications including Bird Netting, Deer Fencing, Trellis Netting, Shade Cloth, Landscape Fabric, and much more.

Since its beginning 35 years ago as a means to literally “put food on the table”, the family owned and operated company of Ross and Dorian Bernard has grown into an international company. Now, we are proudly serving 6 countries with a full spectrum of innovative solutions for gardeners everywhere.

American Nettings and Fabric is committed to excellence, and we reaffirm our commitment to service and quality in our everyday relationships with our clients. We have proudly grown from our “backyard” to a company that today has expanded to incorporate 8 warehouses, including a custom sewing facility. We are a forerunner of converting fabrics and nettings for the entire gardening/growing industry.

Our pledge is to provide excellent products and support to independent garden centers and hardware stores for resale throughout North America, focusing on American Made goods. That pledge extends from as small as a home garden all the way up to gargantuan industrial crops. Pleased, satisfied customers are our top priority.

When you buy from us, you will find high-end products that cannot be found in big box stores or via online discounters. Drawing from over 35 years of experience, we offer a diversified and well-rounded portfolio of products. This committed effort ensures that our customer force has a great number of choices.

Whether you are starting your first garden, an experienced grower, a retailer looking to support your customers in their growing efforts, or you are a commercial grower needing supplies for industrial-sized crops… we are your source.

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