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Deer & Bird Netting


Deer & Bird Netting is an inexpensive alternative to heavier deer barriers and/or bird netting. For suggestions and more information, please see Product Description below.

  • Polypropylene
  • Black
  • 3/4″ square mesh
  • UV stabilized
  • Life expectancy of 4+ years

Please see Bird NettingDeer & Poultry Fencing and/or Heavy Duty Deer Fencing for products with similar applications.

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Strong 3/4″ lightweight plastic mesh is an inexpensive alternative to heavier deer barriers as well as a bird netting. Easily installed due to being folded and wound on a paper core. Life expectancy of 3-4 years.

Berry Plants

Deer & Bird Netting Application

Simply drape over plants. Edges should be lightly covered with soil, weighted down or secured using Fabric Staples to protect against predators and to prevent wind mishaps. Can also be used for winter wrapping shrubs and small trees.

Garden Cage

Deer & Bird Netting

Install posts around garden area at spacing not exceeding 12 feet. Run a taut wire or our Poly Line along the tops of the posts for netting support. Fasten fencing to one post and pull moderately taut while securing to adjacent posts. Fasten netting to top wire of cord using Netting Clips or lacing. If you wish a top netting cover, run wire or cord across the tops of the posts to its opposite on the other side of the garden area. Fasten one edge of netting to one perimeter wire or cord and drape over garden area to the other side. Secure with clips or lacing and cut to fit. Netting may be joined by lacing together with clips or poly line.

Please see Bird NettingDeer & Poultry Fencing and/or Heavy Duty Deer Fencing for products with similar applications.

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