Poly Line


Used extensively for commercial trellis systems, Poly Line is now packaged for the home gardener. Poly Line is an alternative to weak garden strings and hard-to-use galvanized wire. For suggestions and more information, please see Product Description below.

  • Polyester
  • Black
  • 12 gauge
  • Tensile strength: 440 ft/lb
  • Constant tension, no need to re-tighten
  • 7 times lighter than wire
  • Cuts with shears
  • Easily repaired using Poly Line Tensioners
  • Does not rust or rot
  • No sharp edges
  • Resistant to fertilizers, sulfates & pesticides
  • UV stabilized
  • Life expectancy: 15+ years

For larger sizes please see Agro-Line. See also Poly Line Tensioners and Anchor Stakes to create the perfect trellis system.

For discounted Poly Lineplease see Poly Line Odds & Ends.

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40' with 2 tensionersPoly Line and Poly Line Tensioners00057$8.99In Stock
165'Poly Line00053$15.99Out of Stock
4/pkPoly Line Tensioners00055$8.00In Stock
100/bxPoly Line TensionersPWT99$110.00In Stock
25/pkPoly Line TensionersGT2$46.99In Stock

Poly Line

The perfect support for Trellis Netting, Crop Cover & “Bug Out” Garden Screen. As an alternative to wire, Poly Line is 7 times lighter, does not rust or snag, is easily cut, installed and tensioned using Poly Line Tensioners, or tied off on its own. non-abrasive surface won’t damage plants and is resistant to fertilizers, sulphates, and pesticides. Ideal for vineyards, as well as anchored to walls for plant support.

It is recommended for use with Trellis Netting, Utility Netting, Deer & Poultry Fencing and most other American Nettings‘ products. Below are 3 ways to set up a trellis system using Poly Line and accessories.

Poly Line & Tensioners

Upright Trellis System

For growing grapes, raspberries, blackberries, green beans, peas of all varieties, etc.

For fruits and vegetables that grow rapidly, it is recommended to set up your netting in an upright fashion. The netting should be stretched and secured between two sturdy garden poles. For maximum support, anchor poles to the ground using our Poly Line Tensioners, and Anchor Stakes.

A-Frame Trellis System

Poly Line Tensioners

For growing cucumbers, squash, melons, gourds, pumpkins, tomatoes, etc.

An A-Frame trellis system is similar to an upright system only the bottom portion is secured diagonally to the ground. This increases both the trellising space and support for heavy produce. For maximum support, anchor the edges of the netting to the ground using our Poly Line Tensioners and Anchor Stakes.


Poly Line & Tensioners

High Density Planting Trellis System

For growing apples, hops, plums, cherries, etc.

High Density Planting, or HDP, is a system growers use to increase the production of tree fruits such as apples and hops. It allows the plant more access to sunlight and air, creating more fruit. It does not require the use of netting, but only wiring. For maximum support, secure Poly Line using Poly Line Tensioners.


Poly Line Tensioners

American Nettings & Fabric has teamed up with Gripple Inc to bring you a complete trellis support system utilizing our line and incorporating this unique, non-conductive, line joiner/tensioner. Ripple Tensioners are easily tensioned by hand.

Use Tensioners with our Line to create unique support systems on walls, fences, and posts. Use galvanized due screws every 10-12 feet (3-4 meters) as anchor points for maximum support. Use for clematis, Wisteria, Jasmine, Climbing Roses, Raspberries, Tomatoes and much, much more.

For larger sizes please see Agro-Line. See also Anchor Stakes to create the perfect trellis system.

For discounted Poly Lineplease see Poly Line Odds & Ends.

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165', 40' with 2 tensioners, 4/pk, 100/bx, 25/pk


Poly Line, Poly Line Tensioners, Poly Line and Poly Line Tensioners

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