No Weed Plus 10-Year Landscape Fabric

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Spun-bonded polypropylene non-woven fabric is easily installed to help prevent weeds for a Low Maintenance Garden. Allows air, water, and nutrients to pass through to the roots for healthier plants, unlike conventional plastics. Other uses include separating of aggregates from soil contamination in drainage systems. Non-Woven Landscape Fabric must be covered with at least 3″ (8cm) of mulch or aggregate to guard against degradation.

Quality Tests

  • Weight: 50 g/m²
  • Tensile Strength, MD: 136 N
  • Tensile Strength, CD: 103 N
  • Elongation at break, MD: 56%
  • Elongation at break, Cd: 64%
  • Air perm: 246 (38 scm)


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3' x 100' 00551 $18.29 instock
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4' x 100' 00553 $24.29 instock
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3' x 300' NWPF3 $54.59 instock
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4' x 300' NWPF4 $72.69 instock
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