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Trellis Netting, also known as Pea Netting or Bean Netting, is a great way to increase crop yields. The wide openings allow for easy access during harvesting. Trellis Netting increases yield by allowing for more sunlight and air exposure, while decreasing ground rot and pest damage.

*Attention Cannabis Growers! Let us help you get more from your grow with our Trellis Netting!

Inert to agricultural fertilizers, does not leach metals or chemicals, strong UV resistance for outside growing, does not heat up causing burn damage to plants and can be used horizontally and vertically to support large plants. Don’t miss out!

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  • Extruded polypropylene
  • Clear, white & green
  • 6″x 6″ mesh openings
  • Rated to 28 lbs per strand
  • UV stabilized
  • Life Expectancy: 5+ years

Our Netting Clips in conjunction with our Poly Line make for easy installation of your Trellis Netting.

Please see Trellis SystemsUtility Netting and Garden Netting for products with similar applications.

For discounted Trellis Netting, please see Trellis Netting Odds & Ends.

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Available Options

SizeColorSquare sizeSKUPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
3ft. x 3280ft.White6"TN3-1$184.27Out of Stock
40in x 3280ft.White6"TN3.5-1$214.99In Stock
*4ft. x 1500ft.White6"TN4-1500-1$122.49In stock
*4ft. x 3280ft.White6"TN4-1$244.99In Stock
6.5ft.x 8ft.White6"00100$6.29In Stock
6.5ft. x 12ft.White6"00101$7.49In Stock
6.5ft. x 20ft.White6"00102$12.59In Stock
6.5ft. x 50ft.Green6"TN650G$19.99In Stock
6.5ft. x 50ft.White6"00103$19.99Out of Stock
6.5ft.x 100ft.Green6"TN6CG-$34.99In Stock
6.5ft.x 100ft.White6"TN6C$34.99In Stock
6.5ft.x 328ft.White6"TN6328$83.95Out of stock
6.5ft.x 328ft.White6"TN6328G$83.95In Stock
6.5ft. x 1000ft.White6"TN6M-$147.30Out of stock
6.5ft. x 1000ft.White6"TN6WM$147.30Out of Stock
6.5ft. x 1000ft.Green6"TN6GM$199.95Out of Stock
*6.5ft. x 1500ft.Clear6"TN7-1500-$199.95Out of stock
*6.5ft. x 1500ft.White6"TN7W-1500-$199.95Out of Stock
*6.5ft. x 1500ft.Green6"TN7G-1500-$178.35Out of Stock
*6.5ft. x 3280ft.Clear6"TN7$389.99Out of stock
*6.5ft. x 3280ft.White6"TN7W$389.99Out of Stock
*6.5ft. x 3280ft.Green6"TN7G-$389.99Out of Stock
10ft. x 1500ft.White6"TN10-1500$374.30Out of Stock
10ft. x 3280ft.White6"TN10$729.99Out of Stock
*6ft. x 3280ft.White4"TN6SM$419.98In Stock

Commonly referred to as Pea Netting or Bean Netting, Trellis Netting is large, open, 6″x6″ mesh is also ideal for cucumbers, squashes, etc. Raises yields by increasing exposure to air and sunlight, thus reducing ground rot while optimizing garden space. Also ideal for ornamental climbers such as sweet peas, ivies, etc. Does not tangle like other large open mesh netting. Life expectancy of 5+ years.



Climbing Vines, Beans, Peas etc.

Secure sturdy poles at intervals, fasten one side of netting to the first pole with staples, nails or lacing (allow 4-6″ or 10-15cm clearance from the ground). Stretch netting to second pole and fasten. Continue procedure for additional poles. For maximum support, anchor poles to ground using our Poly Line, Anchor Stakes and Poly Line Tensioners.



Squash, Cucumbers, Melons, etc.


Stretch netting to second pole and fasten. Continue procedure for additional poles. For extra support, suspend netting from our Poly Line and anchor to ground using our Anchor Stakes and Poly Line Tensioners.


Flower Netting

Plant Support Netting

Our Plant Support Netting is used in a multitude of crops, whether horizontally to keep flowers stems supported and straight, to prevent greenhouse grown potted plants from blowing over from fan directed air, or to support, train, and prevent rot in vegetable plots. Used vertically for commercially grown bean, peas, etc. this product will also help support branches against wind and rain, when erected on both sides of the crop (sandwiching). Life expectancy of 5+ years.



Additional information

Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 8 in

6.5ft.x 8ft., 6.5ft. x 12ft., 6.5ft. x 20ft., 6.5ft. x 50ft., 6.5ft.x 100ft., *6.5ft. x 3280ft., 6.5ft.x 328ft., *6.5ft. x 1500ft., 6.5ft. x 1000ft., 10ft. x 1500ft., 10ft. x 3280ft., *6ft. x 3280ft., 3ft. x 3280ft., 3.5ft. x 3280ft., *4ft. x 1500ft., *4ft. x 3280ft., 40in x 3280ft.


Clear, Green, White

Square size

6", 4"

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