Truck Tarps

Transport nursery stock under our breathable Truck Tarps. Allows air circulation to keep plant material cool while protecting against weather damage. Also used for covering loads of bark, aggregates, and debris. Tough, long lasting knitted covers have double-stitched, reinforced edges with brass grommets every 24″ (.6m) around the perimeter.

All Truck Tarps/truck tarp covers are made from 65% monofilament knit shade with reinforced edges and grommets every 2′ all around.

Please see Orange Debris Safety Netting and American Knit Shade for products with similar applications (hauling, transportation, debris transport).

Truck Tarps Custom Orders

Minimum $50 order for all custom orders. For all custom orders, please call 1-800-811-7444 or contact us. 

For recommendations and more information, please see Product Description below.



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10'x12' TARP1 $47.50 instock
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12'x16' TARP2 $56.25 instock
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12'x20' TARP3 $64.98 instock
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16'x24' TARP4 $98.98 instock
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10'x8' TARP5 $35.00 instock
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6'x8' TARP6 $24.50 instock
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