Get the most from tomato plants with their own Tomato Greenhouse. Each package is enough for 5 – 7 Covers. Comes with 6 twist ties. For suggestions and more information, please Product Description below.

  • Red perforated plastic film
  • Allows air circulation
  • Retains heat
  • Protects against rain, splits & pests
  • Stimulates tomatoes to grow faster and larger with improved taste
  • Increases yield
  • UV stabilized
  • Life expectancy: 5+ years

Please see our Veggie Booster Mulch for products with similar applications.

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Get the most from tomato plants with their own mini greenhouse made from red, perforated plastic film. Red color enhances tomato growth. Allows air circulation and heat retention for faster growing tomatoes while protecting against rain split and pests. Sized to fit over most tomato cages or attach to stakes. UV stabilizers are added for longer life. Each package is enough for 5-7 covers.

Tomato Greenhouse Installation:


After tomatoes are developing, gently slide over tomato cage, or staked plant, to the ground. Leave enough plastic for additional plant growth and cut to desired length. Tie top together with twist ties provided.

We love using this product in a container planter with a couple of basil plants for an easy snack in a planter! Not only is basil a great flavor compliment to homegrown tomatoes, but it also acts as a pest repellent, working with the mini red greenhouse to increase the size and output of your tomato plants.

Please see our Veggie Booster Mulch for products with similar applications.


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28"x20', 38”x20’

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