American Nettings & Fabric Bird Netting

Bird netting is one of the most common bird barriers that are available today. Having a bird netting is not a dream, it’s reality. It is the most durable, longest lasting, and most effective tool in controlling a pigeon population available. It is also very cost effective, long lasting, and highly durable. Modern bird netting is usually made of polyethylene, a durable and long-lasting plastic material.

Our bird netting is most effective when used to keep birds out of specific areas. It is used a physical barrier to block birds out of areas.

Birds and pests can pose a health risk

Birds like grackles and ravens can inundate trees as well as other plant life, and generate considerable amounts of excrement. The uric acid within these droppings aren’t only bothersome; they’re able to build-up and corrode paints, metals along with other materials and soon add up to expensive repairs. Their most important function in the bird control location would be to keep pest birds from roosting and as a result fit in the “roost inhibitor” class of bird control products.

Pests birds can certainly be a health and fitness risk to safety, carrying and transferring any one of sixty recognized diseases. Sparrows and Feral Pigeons can transport harmful bacteria leading to Salmonella. These insect pests may damage property or home, food items and textiles kept in industrial environments. Feral Pigeons carry ornithosis, which is comparable to viral pneumonia. Birds, bird droppings and their nesting materials contain insects and mites.

Bird excrement (in the form of aerated dust) could also generate numerous health risks since they transport quite a few diseases. Moist bird waste can present hazardous slip-and-fall risks on smooth factory flooring surfaces. Ultimately, bird droppings can harm and deface merchandise on shelves as well as in loading docks.

Our Bird Netting is available in various sizes for various species of birds.

Please see Big Bug Netting, Utility Netting and/or “Bug Out” Garden Insect Screen for products with similar applications.

For larger sizes please see Vineyard-Bird & Bug Netting and Vineyard-Multi-Row & Drape Netting.

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Other types of Bird Netting

We have a 2-inch mesh for deterring birds and crows; 1-1/8-inch version is primarily used for small birds as well as blackbirds; 3/4-inch is used for swallows and sparrows; 4-inch mesh for deterring gulls. Bird netting also comes in several various weights and colors–like black, stone and translucent to merge in visually with the environment.

Another kind of bird netting is Polypropylene extruded plastic-type netting. One kind of bird netting is U.V. Protected Polypropylene that makes the netting really durable and strong. Superior bird netting is U.V. protected to last for a longer time. There’s also distinctive kinds of bird netting which have fire resistant aspect, water-resistant netting, U.V stabilized and rot-proof netting. Some heavy-duty bird netting is rot proof, water-resistant, fire resistant and sub-zero stable.

Heavy-duty bird netting is made of high strength polyethylene. Weighty polyethylene Bird Netting is constructed from a U.V. stable fine mesh and is available in numerous standard sizing’ s and made to order cuts. This bird netting is 3/8” mesh and is typically available in 10’x10’, 25’x25’, and 50’x50’ sizes. It is one of the most effective forms of bird control. More reasons why bird netting is so important.

Bird netting is made from polypropylene, a tough plastic that is also very pliable. Plastic bird netting is not a long term netting product with about one year of usage. Installed properly, this type of bird netting is almost invisible. There is even a special type of bird netting that is designed for temperature extremes. Bird netting is designed to efficiently and economically keep birds from accessing certain objects, structures and openings.

Knitted Bird Netting

  • Knitted, Soft flexible Polypropylene
  • 3/4″ diamond shaped mesh openings
  • U.V. stabilizers for 5-8 year life expectancy

Bird Control Netting is Perfect for Protecting Cherry Trees

  • Knitted, Soft flexible Polypropylene
  • 3/4″ diamond shaped mesh openings
  • U.V. stabilizers for 5-8 year life expectancy