Shade Fabric Clips are used as for attaching shade cloths, nettings, lightweight tarps, crop covers, plastic films, etc. For installation, simply fold the clip onto the edge of material and snap together at the spacing desired. For recommended uses and more information, please see Product Description below.

  • Alternative to grommets
  • Replace torn or damaged grommets
  • Can be used as an attachment point for rope or wire
  • No special equipment required

Please see S-Hooks for products with similar applications.

Items recommended for use with Shade Fabric Clips include:  Stable-Knit Shade Cloth, Ribbon-Knit Shade Cloth and/or Privacy Shade.

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privacy-shade_sunShade Fabric Clips are fast and easy to install. Simply fold the Shade Fabric Clip over the fabric in the desired spacing. Then, pierce the fabric and snap together. This will form a strong, reinforced loop. That loop is designed to withhold the weight of the material when hung from wire, rope or the like. Once the fabric has been pierced, the clips either create or maintain a 1/2″ opening that can be used in the same way as a grommet. They can also be used to replace grommets that have broken or are no longer usable.

When using with wire, rope or, Shade Fabric Clips can either be folded over the wire from the start or wiring can be strung through the top hole once the clips have been placed. Make sure the width of the wire or rope does not exceed 1/2″ in diameter. Shade Fabric Clips are designed to be used in conjunction with Poly Line, which is what is recommended.

The clips are designed for single use, as they secure firmly to themselves. If desired, they can be removed and reused, though each time their integrity will be slightly more compromised.

Items recommended for use with this product include:  Stable-Knit Shade Cloth, Ribbon-Knit Shade Cloth and/or Privacy Shade.


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