Utility Netting


Utility Netting is lightweight and comes in an array of sizes to suit nearly every purpose. Standard uses include pond netting, bird protection, training vines and deer protection. For recommendations and more information please see Product Description below.

  • Polypropylene
  • Black
  • 5/8″ x 3/4″ mesh
  • UV stabilized
  • Life expectancy of 4+ years

Please see Garden Netting, Trellis Netting and/or Bird Netting, for products with similar applications.

For discounted Utility Netting, please see Utility Netting Odds & Ends.

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3.5'x50'00194$10.79In Stock
7'x14'00111$7.59In Stock
7'x25'00112$10.79In Stock
7'x50'00113$19.59In Stock
7'x100'00114$29.99In Stock
14'x14'00115$10.79In Stock
14'x25'00116$19.59In Stock
14'x50'00117$31.49In Stock
14'x100'00118$61.79In Stock

From supporting vines to protecting gardens from birds, this lightweight, 3/4″ square black mesh comes in an array of sizes to suit almost every purpose. Utility Netting is ideal for pond protection and deer netting over plants. Life expectancy 3-4 years.

Netting Cage

Garden Cage

Install posts around garden area at spacing not exceeding 12 feet. Run a taut wire or our Poly Line along the tops of the posts for netting support. Fasten fencing to one post and pull moderately taut while securing to adjacent posts. Fasten netting to top wire of cord using Netting Clips or lacing. If you wish a top netting cover, run wire or cord across the tops of the posts to its opposite on the other side of the garden area. Fasten one edge of netting to one perimeter wire or cord and drape over garden area to the other side. Secure with clips or lacing and cut to fit. Netting may be joined by lacing together with clips or poly line.

Climbing Vines, Beans, Peas, etc.


Secure sturdy poles at intervals, fasten one side of netting to the first pole with staples, nails or lacing (allow 4-6″ or 10-15cm clearance from the ground). Stretch netting to second pole and fasten. Continue procedure for additional poles. For maximum support anchor poles to ground using our Poly Line, Anchor Stakes and Poly Line Tensioners.]

Pond Netting

Pond Netting

Keep netting high enough off the pond to prevent it from sagging into the water. Pull moderately tight and peg around perimeter of pond using Anchor Stakes. For large ponds, wire, cord or Poly Line may be suspended over pond for added support for the netting. Netting may be joined by lacing together.

Please see Garden Netting, Trellis Netting and/or Bird Netting, for products with similar applications.

For discounted Utility Netting, please see Utility Netting Odds & Ends.

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3.5'x50', 7'x14', 7'x25', 7'x50', 7'x100', 14'x14', 14'x25', 14'x50', 14'x100'

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