Veggie Booster Mulch

Veggie Booster Mulch was jointed created by the USDA and Clemson University. It reflects red light wavelengths towards your plants which has been proven to stimulate growth and produce earlier fruit with improved taste. For suggestions and more information, please see Product Description below.

  • Polyethylene
  • Red plastic
  • Produces earlier fruit with improved taste
  • Has the potential to DOUBLE or even TRIPLE crop yields
  • Keeps fruit & vegetables clean
  • Controls the vast majority of weeds
  • Deters pests (including Nematodes)
  • Warms soil
  • Conserves moisture
  • UV stabilized
  • Life expectancy: 2+ years

Please see Tomato Greenhouse and/or Crop Cover  for products with similar applications.

For discounted Veggie Booster Mulch, please see Veggie Booster Mulch Odds &Ends.



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